Devola women start Cookie Nook from scratch

Photo by Janelle Patterson Duffy Sprague scoops fresh peanut butter and jelly cookies onto a cooling rack in Devola, a special order for the new business, The Cookie Nook.

DEVOLA — In two weeks, the pair has taken on 14 orders, dancing around the kitchen testing recipes and designs in Devola as their sons wrap up spring baseball season together.

“Both of us were hobby bakers,” said Katie Warden, 40, as she pulled up a recipe in her home Monday to try for a new order–this one for a peanut butter and jelly cookie, a feat not yet ventured but due by the day’s end.

“And I had some teacher appreciation cookies to make, and I had Katie come over and help me,” said Duffy Sprague, 40, measuring out peanut butter. But now the owners of the new home business, The Cookie Nook, are more than hobbyists, utilizing Ohio’s cottage law to bake out of Warden’s home and deliver fresh artisan cookies to those in the area.

“We just kept talking about it and talking, and I called my brother, who’s a chef in Nebraska and asked him if we’re crazy for trying this,” laughed Warden. “But we just have a blast here, so we did our research on Ohio’s cottage law which allows bakeries out of a person’s home, and we got licensed and insured and met with a business adviser.”

Perfecting recipes on the classics: chocolate chip, sugar, macadamia nut, pumpkin spice and snickerdoodle, they’ve nailed down what tastes best through fits of giggles and listening to Maroon 5.

Photo by Janelle Patterson Katie Warden adds more brown sugar to a special order for The Cookie Nook in her home.

“We’re learning and trying all these crazy designs and taking special orders that we figure out as we go,” said Sprague. “We just made skateboard cookies, we’ve made lemon wedges, and we’re planning on real cookie cakes, not just a large round chocolate chip cookie, but like layered and decorated.”

From cookies in the shape of margarita glasses to airbrushed Air Force cookies and morsels in the shape of Ohio, apples and golf balls, the orders have poured in.

“And people feel less guilty eating a cookie than a piece of cake,” said Warden. “So we’re hoping to grow this, and we’ve had so much support.”

The pair said they’re sticking to cookies though, finding a niche they’re good at and both love.

“We were originally thinking other baked goods, but we sort of stumbled into something that’s not widely available around here,” said Sprague. “Plus we just have so much fun together. I’m the one that has flour exploding, and Katie balances me out with a vacuum right behind.”

Photo by Janelle Patterson Peanut butter and jelly cookies made fresh fill a special order.

Photo by Janelle Patterson Duffy Sprague breaks an egg into a batch of peanut butter cookie mix for a special order for The Cookie Nook.


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