Settlers Bank announces new internet domain

MARIETTA — Settlers Bank has announced a new internet domain, www.Settlers.Bank, for internet operations.

Dot Bank is a new, more secure internet domain than dot com or dot net. It is an easily identifiable website channel for trusted communications between banks and customers.

Since the Dot Bank environment is exclusive to the banking industry, it provides a level of security unmatched in traditional internet environments. The strict controls in place mitigate cyber security risk and allow Settlers Bank to better protect its customers. To qualify to use a Dot Bank domain the bank was required to meet rigorous technical and operational standards.

“We are delighted to adopt Dot Bank for our internet operations,” said Jeff Welch, senior vice president. “The increased security of Dot Bank enables us to maintain a high-trust environment for our customers, continue offering new products and services, and provide a more secure domain to better protect them from cybercrime attacks.”

As part of the move to Settlers.Bank a new website was launched that highlights photos of local landmarks, festivals and attractions. The new website is designed for accessibility as it was built to Website Control Access Guideline standards.


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