Cox starts new career in real estate

LOWELL — A long-time resident of Lowell has taken up a new career.

George Cox, 50, said he decided to change direction after years of working at the International Converter plant in Caldwell.

“I just turned 50, I’ve been a maintenance technician, and I saw real estate as a way to get out of shift work and help my friends and community,” he said.

Cox has had a real estate license for four years and has become an agent for Harvey Goodman Realtors, an agency with six offices scattered across Hancock, Jefferson, Brooke and Belmont counties. Cox will be their first agent in Marietta, and he said he’s covering Washington and Noble counties as his territory. For the time being, he said, he will be doing business out of his home in Lowell.

“I grew up in Devola, and I know all the ins and outs of this area,” he said. “I knew the builders from my youth, and they taught me a lot. As a boy, I mowed grass for the real estate agents.”

Cox said he’s looking for the same sorts of satisfaction from real estate he gets from his current work.

“It’s rewarding for me as a maintenance technician to get things running and make everybody happy,” he said. “I want to do the right thing for people and make them feel good.”

He said he feels comfortable being a part of the Goodman organization, which he said has provided him with substantial support to get a foothold in the Washington County market.

Cox became a member of the Marietta Board of Realtors this month, joining about 70 other members.

“Everyone welcomed me, and they’ve been very helpful,” he said.

Dave Chichester, president-elect of the board, said he believes the area is well-serviced by real estate professionals.

“The market is stable here, and it’s still a seller’s market, has been for quite a while,” he said Wednesday. “It’s a low inventory of properties. I don’t know that the number of buyers has increased, but the number of homes on the market isn’t meeting the demand.”