Four from Marietta College to attend conference

MARIETTA — Three teachers and a student from Beverly in the Marietta College Department of Business and Economics will attend the 55th annual MBAA International Conference that opens Wednesday in Chicago.

Participating are faculty members John Fazio, Julie Harding and Grace Johnson and student Taylor Pennock, class of 2019, of Beverly.

Fazio will chair a session and will be in a panel in another discussion. He is the co-author on an article accepted for presentation, “Another Look at the Y2K Computer Bug: Understanding the Role of Organizational Culture and Metaphor in Crisis Management Education.”

Fazio, assistant professor of management, also mentored Pennock’s independent study work, “The Role of Perceived Organizational Support and Organizational Citizenship Behaviors on Academic Performance and Stress,” which was accepted for a poster presentation.

“I will be discussing the relations between students’ perception of support from their higher education organization and their performance as measured by GPA, as well as their level of academic stress,” Pennock said. “Additionally, students helping and citizenship behavior are examined in an interactive role.”

Harding is making a presentation on Critical Tools to Transform Group Project Learning.

The presentation will outline a variety of pedagogical tools she has researched and discovered to improve student learning and minimize disruption in courses requiring group projects, particularly those projects that span the course of an entire semester.

“Because surveys of employers tell us that the ability to work in teams is an essential workplace skill highly valued by employers, I employ group projects in many of my upper-level classes,” said Harding, assistant professor of marketing. “Specific tools that will be covered in the presentation include ‘Speed Teaming’ (an approach to team selection), a ‘Getting to Know You’ exercise (after teams are appointed), a ‘Team Contract’ and ‘Midterm and Final Peer Evaluations.'”

Johnson, who is on board of directors for the North American Accounting Society, is presenting research that was conducted during her recent sabbatical, “Deep Dive 2018: A Survey of Data Analytics Course Requirements in the Undergraduate Accounting Curriculum.”

“This paper examines whether stand-alone courses in data analytics are required, offered as electives, or not included in the undergraduate accounting curricula at 176 universities across the United States,” she said.

Johnson also will chair a session on accounting education and participate in an MBAA-International innovative teaching techniques poster session with “Bridging the Communication Divide.”

The session describes a new series of communication assignments for upper-level accounting majors, explains why they were developed, addresses feedback about the assignments and identifies modifications, Johnson said. He plans to make to these assignments for the 2019-20 academic year.