Winans honors two employees

PARKERSBURG – Showing up and doing the work expected is how a mother and daughter view their work histories as the company they work for commended their years of service without missing a day of work.

Winans Services recently honored Kate Satterfield and her daughter Tammie Layne for their years with the company and the fact neither one of them has missed a day of work in their time with the company.

Satterfield marked her 40th anniversary with the company on June 9, having started in 1975. Layne will commemorate her 33rd year with the company on June 24, having started in 1982.

Satterfield said she was recommended to the company by a neighbor. Layne was brought in by her mother.

Both women said it was important to maintain a good attendance and do the job you were hired to do.

“It was the way I was raised,” Satterfield said.

“That was the way I was taught,” Layne added. “You went to work everyday and you didn’t miss.”

The two clean the Highmark building in Parkersburg and other locations around the area, said Jim Winans, president of Winans Services.

“They are exceptional, high-quality co-workers that we know that we can place at jobs for customers and will get very positive high end results from,” he said.

The company had a reception for friends, family and other co-workers. They were presented with certificates of appreciation, an engraved award and the company will have a plaque made for them.

Winans commended their work ethic and dedication.

In a copy of the company’s newsletter, Winans Times, dated September/October 2000, company founder James Winans Jr. (who passed away in 2011) commended Satterfield who had completed (at the time) 24 years “of outstanding work for Winans.”

“And 24 years without missing a single day,” Winans wrote at the time. “Think about that, it is truly mind boggling.”

He also praised Tammie at the time.

“Kate has a daughter , Tammie Layne, employed by Winans who has been our co-worker for 18 years (at that time) and guess what,” James Winans Jr. asked. “Tammie has never missed a day of work.

“Now how amazing is that?”

The company used to commend those who had perfect attendance every year with their 2080 Club. It was a way to honor those who came to work 2,080 hours a year (40 hours times 52 weeks totals 2,080 hours). The company has not done it in awhile.

“We still wanted to recognize two of our star performers,” Jim Winans said. “The miraculous part of that is that in all of the time they have been here, neither one of them has missed a single day of work.

“That is quite impressive.”

Both Satterfield and Layne were surprised and speechless by the honor.

“I don’t know what to think of this,” Satterfield said with a laugh.

People commented that Satterfield was uncomfortable with the attention and initially had to be tricked by her family in going down to the office for the ceremony.

However, others said she had a good reason for not wanting to spend too much time at the party.

She was afraid she was going to be late for work, they said.


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