Florida man gets 60 years for DUI deaths of 4 Ohio men

PANAMA CITY, Fla. (AP) — A judge has sentenced a 22-year-old Florida man to 60 years in prison for running through a stop sign and killing four visiting Ohio softball players from Ohio who were riding in a van.
It took jurors two and a half hours Thursday to find Cody Austin Shirah guilty in the 2016 deaths of 30-year-old Anthony Gouge, 25-year-old Eric Young, 29-year-old William Gouge II and 33-year-old Josh Martin.
The News Herald reports Circuit Judge Michael Overstreet heard statements from victims’ family members. Shirah wept as they called for the maximum penalty of life in prison, then pleaded for leniency and forgiveness.
Shirah was convicted on DUI manslaughter charges.
Before issuing the verdict, the judge took some blame for the crash, saying he’d released Shirah on drug offender probation months before the crash.