PHS wins back the City Cup

Parkersburg High captured the Parkersburg City Cup back from Parkersburg South, 4.5 points to 3.5 points, Tuesday at the Parkersburg Country Club in Vienna. Pictured with the City Cup from left to right in the front row: Jackson DeVol, Isaac Prine, Nicole Lincicome, Dylan Shaver; back row (L to R): Trey Rossana, Garrett Ballway, Carter Stone and Daniel Wharton.

PARKERSBURG — The annual match-play tournament known as the City Cup between Parkersburg and Parkersburg South came down to a freshman vs. freshman matchup to decide the final outcome here Tuesday at the Parkersburg Country Club.

Down one point and requiring one point to win, all eyes were on the match between the Big Reds’ Daniel Wharton and the Patriots’ Cade Murray.

Wharton was up 5 on the 14th hole dormie with all same the best Murray could have hoped for as the final outcome. However, Snider needed the first-year prep player to win his match to capture the Cup.

Wharton didn’t have his best hole on the 14th and conceeded a point to get to the 15th.

Murray teed off first on the par 3, but he found the water. Wharton wasted little time putting pressure on his opponent. His tee shot stuck on the green pen high, forcing Murray to concede the match.

Wharton won 4 and 3.

PHS took the cup back four-and-a-half to three-and-a-half points.

“He was nervous,” said Snider. “He saw Isaac wasn’t in front of him anymore, but had no idea what anyone else had done and I didn’t tell him anything. He was just excited as can be after Murray conceeded and once we returned to the clubhouse from 18 the team jumped him.

The eighth match of the day capped off an afternoon of good golf all around the course.

“It was hard to really tell how this event was going to go,” said Snider. “I feel it was as close as it has ever been. Two matches went 18 holes.”

One of those matches to go the distance included South’s Chance Shears versus Parkersburg High’s Carter Stone. Shears jumped out to a three-hole lead after 10, only to see Stone come back and battle the rest of the way to the finishing hole.

“He just missed a hole-in-one on 11,” said Snider. “I was impressed. He was a senior and played like it. Today was the best match he has ever played for us.”

The final match requiring the whole course was the Patriots’ Luke Commiskey and Parkersburg’s Jackson DeVol. Like Stone, DeVol also was down three at the turn. He managed to pull even and earned a half-point the Big Reds needed if the score read 4-4 after every other match was completed.

Parkersburg’s Trey Rossana tied up the overall score with his 2 and 1 victory against South’s Zach Redmon.

South took the lead in the next two matchups as senior Todd Burner took down PHS freshman Nicole Lincicome 3 and 2. Logan Clegg then grabbed a convincing win over Garrett Ballway, 4 and 3.

Dylan Shaver brought Parkersburg a big point. He made short work of opponent Bryce Eagle, 6 and 4.

Isaac Prine’s 4 and 3 win over Logan Winans put everything all same to set up the drama of the final pairing on the afternoon.

Prine’s win also capped off a perfect 4-0 record for him in the City Cup. Something only Parkersburg South’s Garrett Dailey had ever done before him.

“That is pretty impressive,” said Snider. “The thing about Isaac is when he goes out I don’t even worry. I am really proud of him and it has been a blessing to be his coach for the last four years.”

The team celebrated with a trip to Fusion Steakhouse in Vienna. They also get to celebrate in front of the rest of the school during the Huntington pep rally later this week.