Jeffrey prepared for MMA debut

Austin Sprouse added to card

Former Parkersburg South High School four-time state wrestling champion David Jeffrey will make his amateur MMA debut during Saturday’s Battle at the Boneyard II.

PARKERSBURG — Saturday’s Battle at the Boneyard II, which is slated to begin at 7:30 p.m. on Depot Street, is expected to feature 15 bouts and that includes the MMA debut of former Parkersburg South four-time state wrestling champion David Jeffrey.

Jeffrey will take part in today’s 7 p.m. weigh-in at The Polo Club and will be fighting out of the Astorg Auto blue corner against fellow 155-pound opponent Brian Wiseman of Clendenin, who is competing in the Marion Tennant Preowned Auto red corner.

“It’s a huge advantage,” Jeffrey replied when asked about having his wrestling background. “I can tell some of the things we do in training the wrestling really, really helps. It gives you the ability to do your takedowns from standing.

“I feel like it’s a different kind of discipline you have instilled in you. I’ve wrestled my whole life. I’d like to see what I can do with my striking without having to necessarily make the base of everything just wrestling. I like to vary a little bit, but the takedowns and the ground and pound, that’s a big part of how I’ve been fighting.”

Now 23, the ex-Patriot said he started training in early June and has shed 20-plus pounds. He doesn’t know much about his opponent, but both are making their amateur debuts.

“The peak of my game (fitness-wise) was definitely my freshman year at college,” Jeffrey added. “I felt unbeatable. Obviously, that wasn’t the case and I was wrestling quality kids and losing, but I was in amazing shape.

“At the beginning of training for this, I was not in good shape. It was tough. I’m not in Division I wrestling shape, but it’s the best shape I’ve been in the last three years.”

His bout is scheduled for three rounds of two minutes each.

During his training, he’s worked in some jiu-jitsu and added “that was a huge change when you start doing the jiu-jitsu, getting used to being on your back. That’s a huge difference and it felt really weird to me, but I’ve gotten used to it.

“I don’t really plan to be on my back too much, but I’ve worked on a few submissions and I think I’ve got a couple down and I got those ready to rock.”

No matter what happens, this is something Jeffrey wanted to try and that moment of stepping into the ring is drawing nearer.

“I wouldn’t be doing this fight if I thought I was going to lose,” he said. “There’s always that chance, but I’m competing to win and competing to knock someone out.

“I’m really excited. I’m ready to weigh-in. It’s not like wrestling where you weigh-in and then go. You have 24 hours after you weigh-in. I’ve been itching to get in there, especially the last couple of weeks. I’m ready to go.”

Of the 15 expected fights, two will be professional — an MMA match pitting Parkersburg’s Nate Hall against Zanesville’s Steven Chesnik, which is scheduled for three five-minute rounds. The other is a scheduled four-round 160-pound boxing showdown between Jared Wells of Virginia and Juan Alvarez of Indiana.

Mid-Ohio Valley Toughman middleweight champion Austin Sprouse of Parkersburg will conclude the fight card when he takes on Broc Eakle of Steubenville in an amateur boxing match.

All of the front-row tables have been sold, but a few second-row tables, which seat nine and cost $315, are available. For more information or to reserve a table, call 304-483-5503.

Updated bout sheet for tonight’s

Battle at the Boneyard II

1. MMA (A): Quinten Deal (Hebron, Ohio) vs. Jeremy Buskirk (Parkersburg)

2. AB: Kaleb Edwards (Belfry, Ky.) vs. Tim Dulaney (Parkersburg)

3. PB:Jared Wells (Troy, Va.) vs. Juan Alvarez (Ft. Wayne, Ind.)

4. MMA (A): Brad Mullens (Pinch) vs. Donavon McCune (Parkersburg)

5. MMA (A): Brian Wiseman (Clendenin) vs. David Jeffrey (Parkersburg)

6. MMA (A): Tyler Harper (Clendenin) vs. Hassan Haggler (Huntington)

*7. AKB: Kurtis Ellis (Illinois) vs. Raymond Davila (Parkersburg)

8. MMA (A): Evan Cameron (Nitro) vs. Tyler Farley (Parkersburg)

9. AB: Justin Wendelken (Parkersburg) vs. Tim Farnsworth (Parkersburg)

10. AB: Dashawn Siggers (Williamson) vs. Darton Wilson (Parkersburg)

11. MMA (P): Steven Chesnik (Zanesville) vs. Nate Hall (Parkersburg)

*12. AB: Cordell Jackson (Clarksburg) vs. Andrew Satterfield (Grantsville)

13. AB: Trenton Harper (Clendenin) vs. JR Jones (Fairmont)

14. AB: Broc Eakle (Steubenville, Ohio) vs. Austin Sprouse (Parkersburg)

Notes: Fights starts at 7:30 p.m. today and gates open at 6:30 p.m. General admission tickets are $25. First fighter listed is Marion Tennant Preowned Auto Red Corner and second fighter is Astorg Auto Blue Corner. Keith Barr and Brandon Johnson, who were scheduled to fight for the W.Va. state cruiserweight title, has been pulled. All bouts subject to change. *Represents Dawghouse Promotions title fight