Ohio Valley University to create sports hall of fame

VIENNA – Ohio Valley University has announced the creation of the Fighting Scots Hall of Fame to honor selected former student-athletes and coaches from throughout the school’s 54-year history.

“We’ve been talking about doing this for some time now,” said OVU athletic director Dennis Cox, now in his fourth year as the school’s chief athletics administrator.

Ohio Valley University opened as a junior college in 1960. Known then as Ohio Valley College, the school began offering men’s basketball early on. Men’s crew followed in the mid-60s, but never caught a following and was soon discontinued. Baseball was added in the late 60s and has continued throughout much of the school’s history.

Sports for women were limited initially to a short-lived tennis team in the mid-70s. Women’s basketball was added in 1992. Since that time, intercollegiate programs for women have been a mainstay at the Vienna school.

The university began its transition to Division II of the NCAA in 1999, and now offers seven intercollegiate programs for men and six for women.

“The school has been blessed over the years with a number of very talented male and female athletes,” noted Cox. “It’s time we honored the best of the best.”

One of those outstanding athletes was Lester Busby, now a member of the university’s governing board. He was a key player in the basketball program’s success from 1968 to 1970 before completing his intercollegiate career at Harding University in Searcy, Ark. Busby has been named executive director of the Fighting Scots Hall of Fame.

“I can’t think of anyone better to serve in this important role,” stated Cox. “Lester has been very supportive of the university over the years and is excited about the Hall of Fame.”

Nomination forms will soon be mailed to former Fighting Scots athletes and coaches. Nomination ballots are also available on the university’s sports website at fightingscots.ovu.edu

“Our plans are to recognize the inaugural inductees at the annual President’s Club Dinner in October,” said Cox. “I am sure we will have a number of excellent nominees to consider. I am looking forward to what will essentially be the kickoff for the Hall of Fame this fall.”