WVU football completes third practice

MORGANTOWN – Practice No. 3 of spring drills 2014 concluded on Thursday with players, who will be off until Tuesday, March 18, giving their input into last season’s meltdown and the team’s attitude as it looks to bounce back in the fall.

“I’m loving every minute of it (spring ball),” junior linebacker Isaiah Bruce said. “We’ve been going to lifting and conditioning every single day. It’s a lot more fun being able to play football.

“Everybody has the same vision of not having the same year as last year. Everyone has that common goal of being champions. We’re all starting to get there.”

But, the process won’t be an easy one.

“My freshman year was real positive,” sophomore cornerback Daryl Worley said. “I tried to keep moving forward and doing the best I could. Being so young, I was just trying to play my part.

“I would do what the coaches asked me to and just stay part of the scheme. It was tough playing so many positions, but you just have to become a football player. You can’t let one technique take over another technique. You have to know what to do in certain positions.”

That should not be a problem in 2014 as first-year defensive coordinator Tony Gibson has vowed to simplify the Mountaineers’ schemes so that players can ‘play fast and make plays’.

“It (playing one position) is a big weight off of my shoulders to be locked in a position and become the best corner I can be,” Worley said. “I think I can study one position and specific players. I will be faster. I can break things down into sharper image. My mind will be working faster, and I’ll be thinking faster.

“I’m glad we’re playing one side at this point. Big 12 football moves so fast, and it’s better and easier for us to play that way.”

Worley and the defense aren’t the only ones looking at simplifying their games. Senior offensive lineman Quinton Spain is finding his move to left guard to be a major plus heading into his final season in the old gold and blue.

“They (the coaches) moved me to guard, and I’m more comfortable there that most people, so I have an advantage,” said Spain. “Guard is more physical and that’s my strength, playing inside. I can play that at the next level. Inside, there’s less space and you can have more power, and I like that.”

That isn’t the case at every position, however, as questions remain at quarterback, wide receiver, running back and tackle on offense and on the front line on defense.

“We (the receivers and quarterbacks) tried to get our timing down on our own before spring ball,” sophomore wide receiver Daikiel Shorts said. “Skyler’s (Howard) new so he’s trying to get used to the offense, like we did last year. Having a year of experience is very good for me.

“It’s different being that voice of experience. It’s benefiting me a lot. Coach Joseph is helping me become a more complete player. Coach (Lonnie) Galloway is working with me on my routes and it’s really helping.”

Practice resumes on Tuesday, March 18, and hopefully will move outside.