South’s White to play football for A-B

PARKERSBURG – Three-year letterman and two-time Class AAA second team all-stater Mack White of Parkersburg South will continue his football career for Alderson-Broaddus.

White, an expected biology major who has a 3.8 cumulative GPA, will join the Battlers of head coach Dennis Creehan as A-B opens its first full season this year in the Division II ranks.

“My goal is to try and get in on the action even though I’m a freshman,” said White, who averaged 10 stops and three tackles for loss per game last season. “I’m hoping I get some playing time next year and maybe make the travelling squad.”

Despite missing some time this year due to injury, White still earned all-state honors. Even though he played offensive guard and linebacker for the Patriots, he made the all-state unit as a defensive lineman.

Although he didn’t need surgery for the MCL tear in his knee, White said he’s pretty much back to normal and is working out as hard as ever in preparation for college come August.

“I’ve gained all my strength back and got back to top speed and I am faster than what I was,” he said. “Most likely I’m going to be a linebacker is pretty much what I’ve been told or maybe a blocking back because of my build.

“I’ve always wanted to play college football since I was little. I’m happy to get this opportunity and I’m glad I did. Not a lot of kids get that opportunity. This has been my dream.”

White never has let his lack of size be a deterrent on the football field. Rather, he uses his abilities and his head to make up for the fact most everyone around him is always bigger.

“I think the biggest thing with me is my instinct. That’s something I’ve always been proud of,” White said of one of the things which has made him a successful linebacker. “I’ve never been the biggest or fastest, but I pride myself on my strength and instincts, my intelligence and my football knowledge.

“I feel like I have an advantage in that aspect. Now that I’ve made it this far I don’t want to go into college football not being the best I can be. I want to come in being the best I can be.”

That’s why White has continued to have workouts four or five times a week, which he manages to fit in between school and a job. He also said he tries to run a couple miles with each workout.

“I’m trying to keep progressing and I have high goals for myself,” White said of his future. “I don’t want to be another player on the team. I want to do great things.

“After four years I want them to be glad that they got that kid. I want to help out the program. I already feel like I’m part of the Battler program and I want to do great things for them and help them out in the future.”