Flint quite appreciative of Glenville

I’m not sure exactly when the first time it was I met John Flint, the current superintendent of Wood County Schools, but I reckon it’s going on nearly two decades.

One thing which I always could bank on when it came to seeing him was a friendly smile, a firm handshake and some good conversation about whatever topics of the day might be at hand.

Flint, along with five others, is set to be inducted into the Glenville State College Curtis Elam Athletic Hall of Fame on Friday.

“You know, anytime you are honored by your alma mater it’s very special. I’m appreciative of the recognition,” he said.

A 1968 alum, Flint will be joining Dr. Carl Nichols ’64, Jim Garnett and Steven Buffington ’75, Greg Del Price ’80 and Tammy Spence ’03 in this year’s class. Nichols is being inducted in the meritorious category and Garnett will be inducted posthumously.

On Friday, the honorees will attend the annual banquet at the Waco Center, which starts at 6 p.m., with the induction ceremony following an hour later. On Saturday, when the Pioneers play host to Fairmont State for homecoming, the group will be in the morning parade and also recognized at halftime on the turf at Morris Stadium.

“Anytime you are honored and get the opportunity to tell your story and speak before other honorees, that’s pretty special itself,” admitted Flint, who coached former Harrisville High School in Ritchie County to a 9-1 record and a state playoff berth in 1973.

Already a member of the Mid-Ohio Valley Sports Hall of Fame’s 2014 class, Flint is looking forward to the weekend ahead.

“The opportunities that I got in Glenville stand out more than anything else,” Flint said of his whole college experience, which included being a member of the Pioneers’ football and baseball programs.

“(It’s about) taking advantage of an opportunity people offer you and give you in an environment of excellence because you are surrounded by athletes who are accomplished themselves and you have to compete at a high level to compete with them.”

While college itself is hard work even today, Flint knows he had a lot of help along the way to his path of success.

“I had a lot of great coaches, great teammates and just good, good people. Just the opportunity to be in an era where I was, I was very fortunate to be there.”

Flint added, “the recognition is first-class and they don’t leave a stone unturned. As an athlete, you have individual goals, but to meet those goals you have to have the opportunity. The coaches gave me the opportunity of a lifetime.

“I’d like to thank all those people who helped form me as a student and athlete. I never dreamed it would turn out this way, but since it has I’m appreciative of all those memories.”

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