Passing out some Franklins

There were plenty of $100 bills being spent at the Greenbrier Classic over the past four days.

On Sunday, there also were plenty of Benjamin Franklin’s portraits being handed out to some surprised recipients.

Playing his final hole of his final round, professional Bud Cauley stepped up to the tee box on the par 3 18th hole at the Old White Course. The day before, Cauley nearly had aced the hole, missing a hole-in-one by six inches.

This time, he didn’t miss. Although faced with a difficult pin placement -as usually happens on Sundays at PGA Tour events -Cauley used a 7-iron to ace the 175-yard hole.

Naturally, the members of the gallery who had gathered around the final green gave him a huge round of applause.

Especially since each member of the gallery would receive $100 for witnessing Cauley’s shot.

It’s just the latest “only at the Greenbrier Classic” twist thanks to owner Jim Justice.

Justice had announced before the tournament that the first hole-in-one on No. 18 would be worth $100 to every member of the gallery in the amphitheater surrounding the green. Greenbrier officials were on top of things as immediately after Cauley’s shot they roped off the area and began handing out the green.

Justice’s jackpot promotion went even further. A second hole-in-one on 18 would be worth $500 and a third $1,000.

Justice knows how to promote not only his world-famous resort, but also its golf tournament.

He’s already made the Greenbrier a regular stop on the PGA Tour.

Not to mention he has changed the way golf tournaments are conducted. While the focus still is on the golf, Justice provides world-class entertainment once the golf has ended on Friday and Saturday nights in the form of music concerts.

He’s the ultimate example of the philosophy “you’ve got to spend money to make money.” Justice is a master of doing both.

Think about it. A PGA Tour event in the heart of the summer in rural West Virginia. Justice managed to sell the idea to the PGA and has made it an annual event that continues to grow and to draw attention to itself with its creative way of conducting business.

  • World Cup: We’re down to a predictable Final Four in the World Cup -Brazil, Germany, Argentina and The Netherlands -but the way we have gotten there has been quite interesting and entertainment.

That’s been especially true in the United States where soccer interest reached an all-time high.

Obviously, the spirited play of the American team was the biggest reason. The U.S. played four solid matches, each one suspenseful until the final whistle.

Much of that credit goes to coach Jurgen Klinsmann, who wants to return for the 2016 World Cup. Also, let’s give credit to ESPN, which did a great job of covering the event.

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