Conley fulfills the deal

Nationwide Series driver Cale Conley was able to enjoy some laps in a Richard Childress Sprint Cup car at Nashville Super Speedway on Friday.

Conley ran160 laps during a tire test for RCR. He said of the experience, “it was awesome to live a dream out like that. I always wanted to drive a Sprint Cup car and now I can say I have.

“So thankful for the chance. It’s good that RCR has faith in letting me do some test for them it me makes me feel good.”

Conley will be back in the Nationwide car on Aug. 22 at Bristol Motor Speedway. He recorded an 11th place finish in his series debut earlier this year. Childress signed Conley to run 10 races in NASCAR’s second-tier series this year.

Conley has four more shots to record a win. He said, “I need more seat time in the car to develop a consistent feel and speed.”

He has enjoyed several adventures in his racing career. One trip I happened to run across while scheming through his Facebook page, was a chance to visit the White House last year during Brad Keselowski’s ceremonial meeting with President Obama.

Conley posted several images outside the presidential residence.

He was recently interviewed on Fox Sports Race Hub show.

He spoke about his experiences thus far in the Nationwide Series and driving for Richard Childress Racing. Conley has shown his ability on the race track and off during his interviews with the media.

He has been gracious in his comments with this reporter on every aspect of his racing career thus far and continues to inform me about his future opportunities. Conley is an avid social media user to relay his experiences on and off the race track.

Recently he posted a message on Twitter about a wager with his girlfriend Emma.

The couple put together a bet dealing with the amount of fans his Twitter account could accumulate during a week time period. The duo chose 6,000 followers as the magic number.

If Conley could generate this numerical marvel, he would be forced to wear a dress from his girlfriend’s store EmLeigh Boutique’s in Concord, N.C.

Glad to say for his Twitter and Facebook fans he was able to surpass the plateau. Fans can view his newly selected frock on either account. He posted, “I am still 1,000 percent a dude.”

* Marietta resident Kevin Brumbaugh paid a visit to his doctor and found out it is no longer safe for him to drive his Formula F open-wheel car.

The doctor has concerns about the condition of his neck due to more than 35 years of racing.

So, Brumbaugh will have his son Andy drive the car this weekend at Pittsburgh International Race Complex.

His son is a former pro driver in open wheel and sports cars.

Hope he records a top finish and Kevin returns to the drivers seat soon.

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