Le Batard’s vote gets lambasted

I can see it now.

I really can.

I might be accepting cash donations, obviously for a charity to be named later, for anyone who would like to make picks for me when it comes to various all-state ballots and even the next West Virginia Kennedy Award.

Just because I have the honor of voting on all-state teams and individual awards, I think it’s time for the general public to get in on the action.

Heck, we could take things a step further and just open up a website for anyone in the country to vote for this year’s Robert Dutton Award, given annually to the best wrestler in the Mountain State.

Essentially, that’s what ESPN guru/Miami Herald columnist Dan Le Batard did with his last Major League Baseball Hall of Fame vote.

For anyone who has not followed along, Le Batard in essence agreed to give his ballot to deadspin.com so the fans could vote for the 10 players on his ballot. The initial agreement, which was nixed by an unknown voter allowing Le Batard to get in the mix, included getting paid and then giving the money to charity. Le Batard, though, didn’t take anything in exchange for allowing the general public to do his duty.

Granted, the reality of the situation in terms of Le Batard’s final submitted ballot, which was done entirely on deadspin.com, actually proved to be a very solid 10 picks for the Hall of Fame in my opinion.

However, I can’t understand why anyone with such an honor and privilege bestowed upon them would do something like this.

Obviously, the Baseball Writers’ Association of America felt the same way since Le Batard has been booted from the BBWAA for a year and has permanently lost his Hall of Fame voting status.

Le Batard gave a detailed response as to why he did what he did, which included “at least this gets it heard, for better or for worse.” Even with that being said and Le Batard’s obvious despise of the BBWAA process, my question is why did it take so long?

If he truly doesn’t know who to vote for or feels as though in his own words “I don’t think I’m any more qualified to determine who is Hall of Fame-worthy than a fan who cares about and really knows baseball,” he should’ve given up his vote long ago.

I suppose one has to admire his straight honesty and conviction. It’s quite clear his intended goals of bringing exposure to what he feels is a flawed process has worked 100 percent.

Although I’ve never been a fan of Le Batard when it comes to radio, at least his ballot included 10 names and featured Craig Biggio.

Perhaps Le Batard is actually on to something here – considering some of the stunts pulled by other BBWAA voters actually were way worse than his decision.

Maybe the BBWAA should look into removing voting privileges from others as well.

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