Female refs set for bowl

Due to its 9:30 p.m. Friday starting time, it’s likely the Fight Hunger Bowl from San Francisco will be one of the least watched of the 35 college football bowl games.

But when BYU and Washington meet, it will be a significant moment in the history of college sports.

That’s because, when the officials walk out onto the field, there will be two women dressed in striped shirts.

That will mark a first for a college football bowl game.

I have two comments – 1) it’s about time; and 2) you go, girls.

By making any profession the exclusive domain of one gender, we’re eliminating half of the population from participating and thus missing out on some highly-qualified candidates.

Take, for example, the United States Senate.

It wasn’t until 1932 that a woman was elected to that august body.

Today, there are 20 women in the Senate, the most ever.

It’s always befuddled me why it is widely accepted that male coaches can coach female teams but let a female coach a male sport and it still is a rarity, not to mention controversial.

Naturally, the Internet is abuzz with comments regarding the female officials working a bowl game.

“The game will last 37 hours as the refs discuss for 30 minutes to an hour on each play what went wrong and how it could have been better,” one wag wrote.

I’ve seen highly competent female officials in virtually every other sport, so why not football?

Judging by the age and the physical condition of some of the males wearing striped shirts, some new blood should be welcome.

* Good Show: Speaking of bowl games, Ohio University gave a great effort in its attempt on Monday to win a postseason contest for the third straight year. When the Bobcats fell behind East Carolina 14-0 in the Beef O’Brady’s Bowl, it appeared a blowout was in store.

But Ohio rallied to take the lead before the Pirates dominated the latter stages of the game and recorded a 37-20 victory.

Like most sports events, the best team on that day won.

But the underdog put up a good fight and gave us a good show.

Now that the Bobcats have played their bowl game, we will turn our attention to Marshall University, which will meet Maryland in the Military Bowl at Annapolis, Maryland, at 2:30 p.m. on Friday.

Since Maryland beat West Virginia University 37-0 during the regular season, Marshall can claim the mythical state championship even if it loses by 36, a highly unlikely result considering the Thundering Herd is a 3-point favorite.

* Season’s Greetings: I don’t get involved in the politically correct way to wish others well as we celebrate Christmas and New Year’s. Rather, I prefer the way Jimmy Stewart ended his TV show – I wish you and yours peace, love and laughter.

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