Marshall standout beat Bucs

Since Tuesday night’s interleague baseball game between the Pittsburgh Pirates and Oakland Athletics witnessed a long rain delay at PNC?Park before finally getting under way, many fans may have missed this well-pitched game.

While it was disappointing to see the Pirates bats once again silenced in a 2-1 loss, it was encouraging to note that former Marshall University standout pitcher Dan Straily is having a huge impact in Oakland. His win over Pittsburgh was his sixth, but his reward was a demotion back to AAA. Go figure.

Speaking of Oakland, one could describe the Athletics as the Pirates of the American League. A small-market team that few expected to succeed but is playing like there are October games in its future.

Remember, it was a Bay Area team that shocked the world last October.

Good publicity: It didn’t draw many of golf’s top stars, but the Greenbrier Classic once again allowed the state of West Virginia to receive four days of national television coverage featuring one of its shining stars.

Considering the last time the Mountain State got that much air-time was on MTV’s ill-fated Buckwild, the golf coverage provided quite a contrast.

Greenbrier owner Jim Justice offers those who attend the tournament more than just watching the golf. He also provides first-class entertainment each night of the event. That concept hasn’t caught on with other tournaments just yet, but I can envision the day when it becomes the norm.

If you root for a big-time college football team, be prepared to not see a good opponent until conference play starts.

Perusing the September schedule recently, I noticed Rich Rodriguez’s Arizona team will open with Northern Arizona, UNLV and Texas-San Antonio before the Pac-12 part of the schedule. Looks like the Wildcats will start out the season 3-0.

Did you see the story on the Cleveland Browns fan who passed away? In his obituary, he asked for six Browns fans to be his pallbearers, so the Browns could let him down one more time. We were passing that one around the newsroom.

Then there’s the one regarding the 12-year old Ohio State fan who contracted cancer. To motivate himself to beat it, he decided to call his cancer Michigan.

It worked, as he recently was released from Columbus Children’s Hospital following his final chemotherapy session.

Good for him.

On, the poll question is whether or not you agree with Major League Baseball’s reasoning that a 100-game suspension is warranted for first-time performance enhancing drug users who previously denied using (50 games for using, 50 more for denial.)

The result? 49 states, the District of Columbia and the rest of the world say yes. Wisconsin says no. Isn’t that the home of the Milwaukee Brewers and outfielder Ryan Braun?