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137 days ago.
by Geezer

Parkersburg News

People living out of state, wanting to get Parkersburg News, Try WTAP, it has more than others!


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So why do I pay $206 per year for a newspaper I do nothing but complain about? 1. The continuity; the thump on the porch which says the new day is beginning and maybe, just maybe, something interesting happened yesterday. 2. The police report. Real news. 3. Coverage and comprehension of county commission and city council affairs; WTAP fails miserably in this department. 4. I can still read the newspaper when the power is out.

Posted 137 days ago.

I prefer the newspaper over WTAP but it really isn't much more than reprinted articles that were in other newspapers around the state yesterday, some fill, and the daily Mike Myer puff piece for his pal Shelley. I've been a subscriber since 1979 but lately its getting harder to write that subscription renewal check.

Posted 140 days ago.

WTAP is a good source for local news.

Posted 174 days ago.


If it were not for the police reports (the different police departments provide these free of charge)there would be very little local news. I would say the Parkersburg News and Sentinel is about 75% advertising. So basically you are paying for stuff that is free to the newspaper.

Posted 184 days ago.

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