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654 days ago.

Bob Tebay wants to be removed from ballot.

The Wood County Commission this morning decided to seek an opinion from the West Virginia Attorney General on a candidate's request to pull out of the May primary election. Bob Tebay, a candidate for the Republican nomination for county commission, Monday asked to be removed, but it was passed the deadline.


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Congratulations to Mr Tebay.

Posted 654 days ago.


Geezer,Yes I was aware that Mr Tebay tried to withdraw from the race, and was not allowed to because of W.V. state law. The only two things that I can see that contributed to the votes for Tebay is, #1 A vote against Brown, #2 The typical Republican issue of being uninformed about candidates and issues.

Posted 828 days ago.

Toehead, are you aware that Mr Tebay tried to withdraw from the race but was not permitted to do so? I agree that Mr Brown would not be a good choice, (neither is Dr Dunn), but why would anyone vote for Mr Tebay after his attempted withdrawal from the race?

Posted 830 days ago.


Geezer, you have to be kidding....Have you ever talked to Roger Brown and heard his views on issues? Talk about clueless, that is Brown's middle name. I am just grateful south Parkersburg is stuck with him as a council man and not north Parkersburg.

Posted 834 days ago.

1,614 completely clueless people ended up voting for Mr. Tebay. Doesn't anyone educate themselves concerning the people they are voting for? Obviously, not around here.

Posted 834 days ago.


Always defer to experts. Of course, it may be after the election before they get an answer. Isn't it past the deadline or just how far can a deadline be thrown?

Posted 861 days ago.

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