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944 days ago.
by teflon

Wood County Board of Education

Once again the BOE is coming under fire, and it's no wonder. First, there is the Stadium Field fiasco. But, while that is making the headlines and everyone's attention is drawn to it, there are bigger issues being ignored. On January 28 the Board of Education will be voting to reduce teaching staff in the schools. Once again, elementary schools will take the brunt of it. To classroom teachers and reading interventionists are being cut. This means that the people who work DIRECTLY with and for the children will once again be on the chopping block. Elementary school is the foundation of the educational process. Once again, thee children will suffer. What is more important..the education of our children or a football stadium?? Voters beware. Board meeting is Tuesday, January 28.


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point 2: it is always the rank and file that get the ax; hardly ever or in a public entity almost never the administrative staff and especially the high paid hangers on. the school board need get rid of every fourth assistant anything and put the other three to work. use those hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep on site workers going. now some might be expendable; reading interventionists? what the*****is that. in the day teachers with 25-30 students did the teaching. did not always have one or more asst., to do managing of kids. unruly to the principle; those needing tutoring got a half or whole hour after school to help catch up. less paperwork in the classroom for teachers; more attention to true readin', writin' and rithmatic. know will get crucified by union lovers, but get real, take care of the kids for a change. biggest problem in schools today is the union and the layered admin levels.

Posted 944 days ago.

2 points: 1. the stadium was a scam from the start. people who went there were sucked into a money pit and now are drowning in it. the district is on the hook because it is school property. they okay'd the project and paid into it. worked for many years with companies that manufactured/ supplied building materials to contractors. the "check is in the mail" is like "I will respect you in the morning". ain't gonna happen and now a disaster. if a change is made plus or minus an addendum/ change order is WRITTEN to cover up/ down costs. for if mr. taylor is so incompetent as to do VERBAL changes than pickering is stuck for anything not authorized. the school board is stuck for LEGAL bill still due. as for the rest of the work; lotsa luck.

Posted 944 days ago.

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