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952 days ago.
by mythravere

2014 election

is probably a good thing two delegates are throwing in the towel. if the best they can do is to screw the people with prescription costs/ doctor's fees for a otc instead of the manufacturer's than time for them to go. but here come one's son and another retread for their seats. same music, different lyrics. people in this area and state overall deserve better.


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Do the people deserve better? If you're stupid enough to elect them then you get what you got coming to you.

Its not just the elected officials. Corporate interests have done a huge amount of damage to this state.

I have you ever wondered how much money in coal has went out of this state.

I am betting billions if not trillions of dollars since large scale mining started way back when.

Not much to show for that is there?

Posted 952 days ago.

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