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576 days ago.
by Fastbass

pay raises

yippie weenie; city wants to raise rates for water/ sewage because cannot meet obligations on improvements. yet, first words now out of their mouths are "PAY RAISES". now why do I care as I do not live in p'burg? because so goes p'burg, so goes the rest of the cities and county. already pretty hefty pay increases for city folks and now get the rest on the band wagon. Vienna went nuts last year and awarded 4-10% increases plus snuck through a yearly increase of up to $.35 for each employee. came too about $2000.00 each. how many of you got a $2k increase- ever? so the increase in rates of about 30% are not just for needs but for want to keep people happy versus the taxpayers-- yet again newell is on a roll. we in other places thank you for increasing our rates for pay raises.


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The City is not the only ones raising water and sewer rates. Lubeck PSD also raised their rates astronomically. Can you believe 30%? Again the first order of business was to give all salary and hourly pay increases. This additionally is compounded by the psd paying 100% of costs for employee health care premiums. The bottom line is "If we can get our customers to pay for it, lets do it." We are all at fault for not appearing and demanding justification for such greed and carefree management.

Posted 576 days ago.

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