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248 days ago.
by moderation

al qaeda flags are now flying over Iraq towns

Our soldiers died to free those 2 towns, and won. Has obama no shame? He pulled all troops out for purely political reasons. His former Sec. of Defense, Gates, says so. This is the most disgraceful time in America's history.


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Lets not ignore the simple fact that those people do not have what it takes to have the freedom and safety that we have. They are weak. So why put our soldiers in a situation to die for people who neither have the means to keep what we have nor the means to maintain it?

Thats disgraceful. And guess who would put us in more situations like that if they could?

Posted 258 days ago.


Silly conservative. When are you going to realize that for us to "win" we will have to squat on those people for eternity. Is it really in our best interests or are you just exploiting a political cheap shot?

Posted 258 days ago.

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