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738 days ago.
by Ohwiseone

Does the Stock Market gauge the effectiveness of a President?

Today (22Nov13) the DOW and the S&P both reached record highs. Is this a sign that President Obama is doing a good job with the economic recovery? Is the Stock Market a fair way to measure the effectiveness of any President?


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When the markets are artificially enhanced by government buying up bank debt at $85,000,000,000 per month and the banks are investing the money in stocks and not loaning it out to promote growth, then the Markets are not a credible way to judge. A trillion dollars a year can hide a lot of bad news.

Posted 1006 days ago.


I was just flipping about the news and saw how the stock markets are at record highs. Mostly it came from CNN because Fox News didn't have any major headlines on it thus far.

But the question stil remains, can the Stcok Markets be a good inidcator of the effectiveness of the President?

Many politicians think so. When the stocks were dropping during the Bush years, the Dems jumped on him for it.

Posted 1008 days ago.

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