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724 days ago.
by Kendall78

LtTE Overreactions

There are many people I respect on here, so it seems very odd to me when they go so off base with critiques on their own writings.


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"I said the fact Mr. Obama was re-elected indicates (in spite of the claims of right wing pundits) that many Americans do support the Affordable Care Act."

As I said, no evidence that supports that notion up. There are polls however that shown that people did not like Romney's stances on same-sex marriage and immigration though.

"Kendall's silly complaint.."

Nice ad hominem Fred. Nothing silly by not agreeing with you.

"he believes Orwell's works somehow "belong" only to far right tea party extremists."

HAHA, where did you get that notion? Where Fred? Did I once tell you or anyone "left" they couldn't use it?

Posted 1044 days ago.


An Oct.13 letter from James Kendall ("Wrong people being vilified") erroneously claimed (in my Oct. 3 letter) I suggested President Obama is "infallible." I said no such thing!"

In straight out But you strongly implied that because Obama got meant the people must approve Obamacare. Otherwise Romney would be President. I disagreed with that, still do and have yet been shown by you why that position should be changed. Also, I never said you called him infallible. You purposely misquote me Fred. I believe there is a word before infallible that your ego wouldn't allow to be seen. It was "nigh". Do you know what nigh means?

Posted 1044 days ago.


"I can appreciate how the recent rule change might be useful in allowing writers such as myself to correct false statements..."

Or people like myself to put out a letter to critique overzealous and fringe leaning writers on here.

"submitted in haste by reactionary writers with a penchant for playing sophomoric "gotcha" games that sometimes submerges factuality, good sense and good manners."

Though there was no haste in the letter I wrote. There was no "gotcha". No more than a professor correcting a student. I think Fred can appreciate that.

Posted 1044 days ago.


I had to smile tonight when I read the letters to the editor. I wasn't really surprised to see Fred putting one up to soothe his ego from the critique I put up last weekend.

Let me be clear, I like Fred and his writings. I don't always agree with them but I always feel I get something out of them of use.

Now let's look at the most recent letter...

Posted 1044 days ago.

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