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1037 days ago.
by Kunectdots

Obama Has Been Disrespectful and Dishonest With Veterans and the Military.

It is shameful to have a leader act as this one does. Just ask most veterans.


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But I do understand why they are doing it.

Just look at the TPGOP's poll ratings!

When you are that damaged you get desperate.

Posted 1048 days ago.


No. The people that are being disrespectful are those who are using support of veterans as a way a slinging mud on those they don't like.

Its the ol if you aint with us you are against us bs again.

Instead this time its the "you dont love veterans as much as we do" skit.

Sorry but this just plain petty and childish.

The only reason the right "stands" with them is for cheap political points.

Posted 1048 days ago.


Those interested may find that passage in Acts 23.

Posted 1048 days ago.


Some people have been disrespectful toward President Obama.

In days past, I have been disrespectful of Presidents. In doing so, I was not following something I learned as a kid: to respect the office, even if you can't find anything good to say about the occupant of the office.

And the Bible backs that up. Paul called the High Priest a "whitewashed wall." When people nearby rebuked him, Paul said that he didn't know he had been addressing the High Priest. Paul repented, saying, "It is written: 'You shall not speak evil of a ruler of your people.'"

Posted 1048 days ago.


Not exactly sure about the dishonest part but I haven't really seen him being disrespectful. At least not in a way I would call it that.

Posted 1048 days ago.

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