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331 days ago.

If the Affordable Care Act is allowed to take hold, Mr. Romney's 47% will become the new majority and the 100 year plan will have succeeded

If those dependent on the government are allowed to exceed 50% of the vote, the United States of America will never recover. Blocking the Affordable Care Act, as well-intentioned as it may appear, may very well be the patriot's last stand before the Socialists succeed and diplomacy fails. Congratulations comrades.


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Mod: They steal anything else they want , why not weapons? The police reports tell of many burglaries with weapons taken. Sure, they trade most of them for drugs, but if TSHTF they could as easily keep some. Finding ammunition might be the hardest part.

Posted 331 days ago.


There are enough of the gimme's (47%) and they do not need much weaponry. Clubs and knives hands and feet will serve nicely if you are hungry.

Posted 348 days ago.


random- do you believe the "gimmes" have the necessary weaponry to survive and.........../ or dominate ?

Posted 352 days ago.


The debit cards (EBT) stopped working this morning in 17 states . California, Illinois, and New Jersey were affected by what was described as a "computer glitch" leaving many people unable to but food for their families. Don't worry, be happy. This is how it will start andthe ending won't be pretty. When people get really hungry they will begin to do nasty things in order to get food. Loose electricity, make do. No gas, make do. No food, start killing to get some. When the gimmees start not receiving their givens, look out.

Posted 354 days ago.


Is it paranoia if they are really after you?

Posted 354 days ago.


What is "the 100 year plan" to which the title of this thread refers?

Posted 360 days ago.

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