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1027 days ago.

If the Affordable Care Act is allowed to take hold, Mr. Romney's 47% will become the new majority and the 100 year plan will have succeeded

If those dependent on the government are allowed to exceed 50% of the vote, the United States of America will never recover. Blocking the Affordable Care Act, as well-intentioned as it may appear, may very well be the patriot's last stand before the Socialists succeed and diplomacy fails. Congratulations comrades.


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Mod: They steal anything else they want , why not weapons? The police reports tell of many burglaries with weapons taken. Sure, they trade most of them for drugs, but if TSHTF they could as easily keep some. Finding ammunition might be the hardest part.

Posted 1027 days ago.


random- do you believe the "gimmes" have the necessary weaponry to survive and.........../ or dominate ?

Posted 1048 days ago.


The debit cards (EBT) stopped working this morning in 17 states . California, Illinois, and New Jersey were affected by what was described as a "computer glitch" leaving many people unable to but food for their families. Don't worry, be happy. This is how it will start andthe ending won't be pretty. When people get really hungry they will begin to do nasty things in order to get food. Loose electricity, make do. No gas, make do. No food, start killing to get some. When the gimmees start not receiving their givens, look out.

Posted 1050 days ago.


Is it paranoia if they are really after you?

Posted 1050 days ago.


Aaaaah. A Conspiracy Theory!

Well if you think its happening why dont you do something about it.

There is apparently lots out there who do.

Take your second Amendment rights and go kill the ones responsible for it.

Simple as that.

People will rail against something like this but only to a certain degree.

They will stop short of making any real sacrifice and just talk about it. Or scream.

Posted 1054 days ago.


What is "the 100 year plan" to which the title of this thread refers?

Posted 1056 days ago.


Then you release the existence of such a program by "leakers" and hide it in plain site.

I got nothing to hide the people say.

Slowly the water comes to a boil and the frog never knew.....

Posted 1058 days ago.


Now you add in the NSA surveillance apparatus. Maybe that is used to stop outside threats to this nation. But just as easily it could be also be used by those same people on the outside to keep an eye on the American people to make sure they are kept in check and to identify any threats or people that are waking up to the truth.

Posted 1058 days ago.


And what of the Tea Party and the patriots of this nation?

Looks an awful lot like to me that they have had their power mitigated by psyop.

Inflame and infuriate them to the point where they marginalize themselves because they act out in desperate and hateful ways lacking any kind of calm demeanor.

Look at some of the stuff said on Fox News.

It paints a whole swath of people as stupid and backward. It keeps them focused on the wrong people while the real people who are a danger to this nation can do their work without any interference.

Posted 1058 days ago.


The policies and direction this nation takes and the individuals who guide it that are "voted" on by the public may very well be planned out far in advance of them coming into play.

If someone or some group was going to subvert this nation why stop at subverting one party?

Get yours hands in both sides,make puppets out of them and keep the public distracted by political "games" and then do what you wilt.

Posted 1058 days ago.


One thing that isn't even considered by the patriots is this.

Maybe the GOP has been compromised.

When Obama was first running for president I got this strange feeling John McCain was just in it to run interference so that Obama had a clear path to the presidency.

Something that gets me is that if you take what the Tea Party represents you couldn't find a better candidate in Ron Paul to bring those values to the Presidency.

But he was flat out denied any chance of making it.

Why is that?

Then Romney became the GOP's choice to run against Obama the second time around.

The same guy that brought a system similar to Obamacare to the state he governed over!


It makes no sense!

It makes sense to a point if you look at the possibility that the whole governmental shebang is compromised by outside parties and everything we see is part of an endgame being played out.

Posted 1058 days ago.


What we have seen from the right was a great gnashing of teeth and flailing of arms in response to Obama and his health care initiative.

Their response being the worst thing for mounting an effective campaign against a health care system that is pretty much the product of big business.

If health care was affordable then people would be able to get it themselves without the need for something like Obamacare or even a single payer system.

No one brought that up did they?

They could have. Why didn't they?

A lost opportunity at dealing a blow to the oppositions momentum.

Posted 1058 days ago.


If a group is to fight something then they need a cohesive plan of attack. The plan needs to be organized,flexible and well thought out.

To borrow a term from the war on terror. Hearts and minds must be won. People must be turned to your cause. They have to be made to see that your side is the on in the right.

Have we seen any of this from the right?

Absolutely not!

Posted 1058 days ago.

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