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464 days ago.
by Geezer

Latrobe St Mission

REALLY? The 'mission' is being granted a huge amount of money to buy, tear down and rebuild apt. houses on Latrobe st to use for the people at the mission. That is another thing this neighborhood needs! Right! FYI the crime has TRIPLED in this neighborhood since Dec. (Opening day of the mission) The supporters of this mission need to move them all out next door to them.


Member Comments

A 'Job Well Done' goes out to the cops following the arrest of Mission resident Joseph Grendel on charges of beating and mugging a 64 year old man at the Speedway. Mr. Grendel is typical of the transient criminals who roam the country incognito aided by 'homeless' shelters and is definitely representative of the type of individual staying at the LSM. Every morning at 8 a.m. these guys are flushed out of the mission and head out to rob and steal around town in order to support their drug habit. At night they come back and have a meal paid for by your taxes if they (and the staff) are sober enough to eat.

Take Back the Neighborhood!

Posted 464 days ago.

It was just heart-rending to see the 'homeless' suffering in the cold this morning, there were probably a dozen of them shivering in temps below 10 degrees.

No, it wasn't the folks living on the riverbank, it was a dozen 'clients' of the LSM, in their pajamas, outside smoking at 8 a.m.

PS: The LSm toilet paper drought continues, please donate today and try to ignore the fact the LSM spent $40,000 on a clothing baler and truck.

Posted 547 days ago.

Take Back the Neighborhood says: Another shout-out to the Major Crimes Task Force, Police Chief Joe Martin, and the good people of the neighborhood who have decided to no longer tolerate the influx of crack and ****** addicts and their suppliers. Seven more drug dealers are on their way to prison. There has been a marked reduction in the number of backpack-wearing dopers and thieves in the neighborhood surrounding their 'warming station' since the GoBus no longer stops on Dudley Avenue and since the director of the mission was arrested. Someday we may be able to safely walk the streets of our neighborhood again.

Posted 584 days ago.

Take Back the Neighborhood says: Old Milwaukee apparently doesn't stunt anyone's growth.

Posted 601 days ago.

What I learned: The dozen or so organizations in our county who claim to be solving the homeless problem have thus far been completely ineffective. In fact, despite a robust economy and 'help wanted' signs in every business, our homeless population has surged. Think of all the wasted money and manhours working at managing a problem only to have the problem grow vastly larger. That is the definition of failure and that is what these groups have to show for their efforts to date; total abject failure.

Posted 602 days ago.

The final group is the 'panhandlers'. None of them are homeless. The eternal couple at the Memorial Bridge, Mark and Lisa, live nearby. Roger and Charles at the train trestle both have apartments of their own. I always give Roger money because I have knows him for 40 years. These people are serious alcoholics who have been degraded to the point where they will stand and beg while enduring a never-ending litany of abuse from passersby and being run off by the police. I have more respect for a beggar than I do someone permanently sitting in a warm shelter and abusing the kindness of others. We only have one 'aggressive' panhandler, Kevin N, the red-haired guy who bothers people for money at the Park Shopping Center. He isn't homeless, either.

Posted 602 days ago.

The next group is the 'professional homeless'. This is the group who provide jobs for social workers. Easily governed and docile, adequately clothed and clean, many already receiving disability or social security (or both) they are more than happy to sit in a shelter and do nothing. Living in a shelter frees up the cash from their welfare checks so they can spend it on 'whatever', drugs, alcohol, gambling in the Latrobe Street Mission's attached 'lottery cafe' and/or sticking it into one of the state's one-armed bandits. This group consists mainly of the lazy, the mentally deficient, and the elderly.

Posted 602 days ago.

H e r oi n

Posted 602 days ago.

As I have stated, I live on Latrobe Street near the 'mission'. When it rains, the vacant houses and garages around the neighborhood become places of refuge for the younger, more dangerous crowd of 'homeless'. I talked with a young man who was coming out of the remains of a garage in the 1900 block of Latrobe Street. He is an ex-con with addiction problems, with Adderall being his drug of choice. Now that pills are becoming hard to get, the hardcore addicts are switching to ******. ****** addicts are far more dangerous than drunks because they will do absolutely anything to get more ******. Fortunately, our chief of police has recognized just how bad the ****** problem has become and will soon release details on how the city intends to fight it. I wish him well and fully support his battle cry of 'Take Back the Neighborhood'.

Posted 602 days ago.

The people in this encampment and the one behind the Salvation Army are the hardcore homeless, some have been living in dilapidated tents for more than a year. They are not welcome at the Salvation Army or Latrobe Street Mission because they are alcoholics, evidenced by the dozens of wine bottles littering the site. They cannot or will not follow the rules at a shelter. At least one, a man with six children, appears completely content with his lifestyle. Their homelessness is also prolonged because they have no incentive to leave. House to Home provides all of their necessities each morning. These are the true 'homeless' and there are about 20 or so living down there, depending on the weather.

Posted 602 days ago.

Not wanting to merely criticize, I decided to spend some time talking to 'homeless' folks in order to get their perspective on just how bad the alleged problem is here in Parkersburg. I loaded up with goodies, $176 worth, and headed to the encampment down by the former Vitro Agate. I was courteously greeted by a group of people living in the most appalling of conditions. The first thought I had was of the vast difference between the folks living there with their meager belongings and the extreme wealth and multiple homes of those sitting on the boards and directing foundations which regularly claim to be solving the 'homeless problem' but who are really only donating in order to protect their wealth from the IRS. I didn't see too many Range Rovers or BMWs down on the riverbank while I was there.

Posted 602 days ago.

A big thank you goes out from the neighborhood to the Washington County Sheriff's office, other law enforcement personnel involved, and the folks who were brave enough to take a stand against this drug operation. Our suspicions have been confirmed. Now, let's get the others involved and close that place down before they destroy any more lives.

Posted 615 days ago.

Weekly LSM Arrest Tally for the period of last Thursday thru today: 2 females for probation violations, 2 males for domestic violence. 2 other 'homeless' folks were issued trespassing citations for breaking into one of the dozens of abandoned homes in our 'neighborhood'.

Posted 872 days ago.

And so it begins! A drunk turned out into the neighborhood knocking on my door so drunk he could not stand straight.

Posted 880 days ago.

I guess that Harley raffle is another thing someone committed to and then failed to keep their word. Actually, I've kind of got my heart set on that red Jeep with the flat tires and broken windows that's been sitting in middle of the parking lot for a year. Just about every yard in the neighborhood has at least one abandoned vehicle except me and I'm feeling left out.

Posted 902 days ago.

I've yet to hear anything regarding that Harley raffle. Probably want either. I know that this problem with the mission will get a lot worse. The new thing around me is they are ringing my front doorbell asking for money for any and everything. They don't even have the decency to offer to work for it: yard work or anything.

Posted 918 days ago.

Who won the Harley Davidson raffle?

Posted 918 days ago.

Another place where law-abiding citizens are endangered by homeless vagrants is Camden Clark Medical Center. The bums get in through the South Tower and sneak upstairs to snoop around. Yesterday morning, a particularly scary and stinky derelict was found sleeping in the WOMEN's bathroom on the 2nd floor. Although he had broken into the vending machine, he was merely escorted outside by security staff, where he was last seen looking into cars in the parking lot. Anyone who intends to use a restroom at CCMC, especially women, should have security check the area first. Also, keep an eye out for bums hiding in the darkened nooks and crannies of the hospital at night.

Posted 922 days ago.

The city council was approached about the LSM and was told it was "too late to do anything about it". So all we in this neighborhood can do, I guess, is to keep calling the police. It doesn't do any good to go to the mission and tell the woman there. She just says they are all 'harmless'. And you are right, Geezer, the Salvation Army will not let drug users or drunks in. They are tested for both plus a background check. And that is as it should be. The Salvation Army has helped way more people and they know it is not a permanent home. It is a limited stay. They are expected to look for work.

Posted 925 days ago.


Geezer and stjude, have you approached your counsel person, city counsel or the county commission about your concerns.Call the news paper and WTAP If you do not believe the LSM is not being run right or a determent to your neighborhood. Organize a protest at the LSM let your voice be heard.

Posted 927 days ago.

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