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1081 days ago.
by AaronS


Where are all of those "ME" party people who for a decade plus have been slinging this around? "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"


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You can make whatever comparison you choose. You're wrong of course but if you're cool with that, by all means, make the comparison.

What ships were sunk in 1939? Plenty were detained, mostly by the French and the British but which ones were damaged?

Posted 1081 days ago.


I will use what ever comparisons I choose.

If you'll recall, our ships were being sunk as far back as 1939 and we did nothing.

3 countries in modern history have used gas. Germany, Iraq and now Syria.

The "Me" party wants to give a pass to the latter.

Posted 1081 days ago.

Even if you keep it simple though, this doesn't compare to 39. Hilter invaded Poland. Unless the news isn't reporting something, I don't believe Syria has invaded another country. If that happens, then you can make a comparison.

Posted 1082 days ago.

You can't go to 39. You have to go to Wilson. Had he heeded that advice then 39 never wound have happened.

Posted 1082 days ago.


Look how well that worked out in 1939.

Posted 1082 days ago.

Obama has screwed the pooch so bad on this issue. As Commander in Cheif, if he felt so strongly, he should have acted instead of waffling on the issue. He knows though that the "rebels" are no better than Assad and aiding them inadverently leads to aiding either Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, The Muslim Brotherhood or groups with links to the Taliban.

The smart thing the President can do is refuse to take action without broad, unilateral support.

Posted 1082 days ago.


CNN is now showing video of the victims that were hit with sarin gas. At least that what they say it is.

Like I said before. Bush. Obama. No difference.

I wonder if something will happen that will cause us to go in there?

Just seems an awful lot like the run up to Iraq.

Of course the people dont want any part of it.

Best way to take care of the is for something shocking to happen.

Some are saying this is a set up for a hot war with Russia.

I hope not.

Posted 1085 days ago.


Obama turned the Republican/Tea Baggers against war. If you did that, you would deserve the Nobel Peace Prize too!!!!

Posted 1085 days ago.


I am going to make an assessment here, rik. You selectively support the will of the people.

Posted 1085 days ago.


I'm glad that Obama is trying to go through Congress and I hope he takes their votes seriously. I would not hold it against him at any level if he decides not to do anything if that's what congress basically says. After all, a tyrant is one that ignores the will of the people and I don't really think Obama is that.

But if he thinks that Syria needs to be dealt with, then he should stick to his strong allies for support and forget Russia in that regard. They made their position clear and Obama should treat them as enemy in regards to Syria. Meaning...if going to Syria is worth it...then he better make it worth it to the level of going toe to toe with Russia itself. But this isn't the 60's, nor anything like the Cuba Missile Crisis and he isn't JFK.

Posted 1086 days ago.


Personally I could care less about what most of the world thinks.

I worry about what the EU, Israel, Canada and Britain thinks. The rest of the world are pretty much one of three groups:

The Big Boys that will never like us anyway: Russia, Iran, China

The Whiners: North Korea, most Arab nations and certain aspects of the UN

Got their own problems to worry about: pretty much all of Africa and South America

Posted 1086 days ago.


The problem isn't the "good men" that are not doing anything. It's the fact that there are no good men to help.

Unless the UN or a large group of nations are willing to literally take all of Syria over and force them to change, there is little anyone can do except maybe secure the Syrian borders and hope they eventually burn themselves out.

Posted 1086 days ago.

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