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354 days ago.
by TheMega

prepare for protests, boycotts and threats

Tragedy strikes again, a poor black jogger was brutally profiled and murdered in cold blood by three white teens that said they were "bored". Prepare for rightous indignation as this is clearly a case crying out for JUSTICE FOR THE JOGGER. Oh. Wait..... .the jogger was white and the thugs black... Nevermind


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Posted 354 days ago.


@richpro - htt p://ww m/watch?v=YR-FC7sUrHM

h ttp://w ww.theblaze.c om/stories/2013/08/22/homeland-security-employees-hate-filled-website-to-prepare-blacks-for-the-inevitable-clash-with-the-white-race/

h ttp://w ww.theatlanticwire.c om/national/2013/08/homeland-security-employee-moonlights-race-warrior/68600/

Posted 357 days ago.


Old news.

Posted 358 days ago.


DHS employee behind racist website on paid leave?

(AP) what's the url? Who is the DHS Employee?

Posted 358 days ago.


The outrage is lost in the rights failing attempts to compare the two situations.

Their crying wolf too often is the main issue as to why there is little outrage.

Nice try though FOX news.

Posted 382 days ago.


Ww2 vet beaten to death by punks. Where is the outrage

Posted 393 days ago.


Won't be prosecuted as a hate crime despite the black shooters Twitter acount comments about HATING white people. Additionally, they still claim Treyvons name despite arrest, trail and acquittal.

Posted 393 days ago.


What hypocrisy exactly? Is there any question these teens (one of which is white, btw) will be charged with a crime?

Posted 394 days ago.


A 16 year old thug is the killer. Thankfully he will be tried as an adult.

Posted 395 days ago.


Sadly another heinous killing has occurred.

Demetrius Glenn found it necessary to beat a WW2 vet to death. A vet that survived the Battle of Okinawa.

Delbert Belton 88 years old.

Posted 395 days ago.

Hey, Tiredofit, have you been watching that old Faux News? Stick to CNN and MSNBC and you won't hear tragic news of this type.

Posted 397 days ago.


Not really making light of this, trying to show the hypocrisy of the left. I do pray for his family.

Posted 397 days ago.

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