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432 days ago.
by Kunectdots

Hillary Clinton will Run for President and She will Win

She will win for the exact same reason the last POTUS won, she is a novelty. As shameful as it is, people will vote for her strictly because she is a woman and not necessarily because they think she is the best candidate for the job.


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They knew how to "market" Obama to the voters. The Republicans just ran a straight "this is a bad man" campaign and lost twice because of it. They didn't sell themselves to the people and adopting extreme and in some cases what can be construed as hateful positions hurt them.

They need to be more positive and less contrary.

Posted 438 days ago.

Barrack Obama didn't win simply because he was a novelty. He won because he ran a better campaign 3 times, first in the 2008 primary and then in 2 general elections. He got his supporters out while his opponants couldn't and he did a much better job of defining his opposition. You can't blame all of that on a novelty.

Posted 438 days ago.

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