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1184 days ago.
by Tinfoilhat

Disgusting cartoon in News and Sentinel 5/25

I have paid to subscribe to the P News and Sentinel for many years. That may soon end with the partisan cartoons and columns that are in poor taste to say the least.


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Forty years ago the same path taken by the tornado would have damaged the Smith ranch and part of the Brown farm. The level of destruction would not have been the same except for all those pesky humans building houses in that path. Same for hurricane destruction. Humans have the uncanny bad luck of building in nice locales with historically bad weather patterns. No place is immune from bad weather, just building is some places is more likely to get that bad weather. Storms, hurricanes, drought, blizzards, and all the rest have happened since way before we were around and will continue well after we are gone.

Posted 1187 days ago.

To have a cartoon in our local paper that portrays man made climate change skeptics as blind to the effects of the Oklahoma tornado is beyond tolerance. And the implication is that it is our fault somehow.

I want all the climate change supporters to volunteer as much time and money to the victims of the tornado, as the conservatives and their churches,

I have close relatives in Oklahoma and I know what I am talking about. This cartoon, which we were subjected to today, is inexcusable.

Posted 1187 days ago.

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