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470 days ago.
by AaronS

Has AG Eric Holder Finally Gone Too Far ?

Seems like he forgot to recuse himself in the Fox News reporter case.


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No, it's the arrogance and ignorance of the left.

Posted 470 days ago.


We are dealing with a Megalomaniac that has seldom heard the word "No" and now "Don", of Vienna, wants to give him absolute power. We ALL know what that does (with the possible exception of "Don").

Posted 470 days ago.

Even Democrat are admitting that Holder must go. It's only the arrogance and of our President and those too dense to realize the truth who wish to keep him in his current position.

Posted 471 days ago.

See, I told you they couldn't defend Holder. The best they can do is send out the idiot factory.

Posted 478 days ago.


There's a new kid in town, or at least Herman has a new name. He also just discovered copy and paste.

Posted 478 days ago.

I don't think you're going to find anyone willing to come on here and defend Holder. They know he should be gone and the only thing keeping him is Obama's arrogance.

Posted 484 days ago.

Gosh, if Holder and Obama didn't read the paper, we would have to explain their policies to them.

Posted 485 days ago.


How can so many in position of command and control have so little command and control that they only find out what is going on is by hearing about it on the news?This administration is the classic example of a mushroom farm: keep them in the dark and feed them BS. They can't even manage a mushroom farm correctly with all the items coming to light.

Posted 486 days ago.

Holder is on the hot seat where he belongs. À burning ring of fire.

Posted 488 days ago.


fast and furious guns have been traced to many deaths in Mexico and to the death of at least one US border guard. Civilian deaths continue to mount in the use of drones through out the Mid East. How many bodies do you need? Holder gives advice and consent on legalities to the Executive branch. He should have a total count of said bodies.

Posted 490 days ago.

"Not since Bush and Cheney left office!"

The Obama Doctrine is a continuation of the Bush Doctrine thus there is no difference on foreign policy. Obama stating he wants to close Gitmo is nothing more then fodder meant to appease the rank and file. Sadly, most are too dense to see the truth.

Posted 490 days ago.


myth - When you say "One has to wonder if somewhere in the labyrinthine rules put in place since 9-11. If any of the them allows the government to totally ignore the Constitution."

I agree with your possible speculation.

I would think before implementation of any plan to supersede (ignore) the Constitution, one would have to have already debilitated the US military. Haven't we noticed some moves to do exactly that?

Posted 492 days ago.


He can't be fired for he knows where the bodies are buried. Figuratively and literally.

Posted 493 days ago.

IMO, Holder was appointed by Obama because he is exactly like Obama. This administration is loaded with "officials" who will carry out Obama policies without even needing to be told what they are. They are ingrained in their liberal inner selves.

Posted 494 days ago.

I don't think what's going on with Holder is not immediate. He's been shady for years. The only reason I can think of for Obama not canning him is arrogance.

Posted 494 days ago.

Won't he have a big problem trying to say he didn't know anything about it , when he signed the order to do it?

Some Justice Dept we have.

Posted 495 days ago.

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