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1167 days ago.
by BeRight

How is Our Money Spent by This Administration ? ?

There is no money for children to tour OUR White House. There is no money for our airport tower. But the Obama girls are in the Bahamas right now. That is more than one vacation per month for the Obamas, so far in 2013.


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You have people running Gov’t agencies that willingly, repeat willingly, followed Obama’s instructions on the Sequester which was to make the sequester as damaging and inconvenient to the Citizens of the USA as possible. You have a president whose only economic plan is to raise taxes and prop of Gov’t unions. He has presented no other plans. Unemployment is still out of sight and corporations are hoarding trillions because they are scared to death as to what else is up Obama’s sleeve. Every Gov’t official that went along with the “punish the citizens” plan from the sequester without pushing back needs to be let go.

Posted 1167 days ago.

"Obama has long emphasized Bush's role in digging the immense hole. But he owns it now."

h ttp:// ****usatoday.c om/story/opinion/2013/01/14/debt-deficit-obama-congress/1830363/

Sorry Oneill. Bush has been gone going on 5 years now.

You are really desperate. Trying to equate college girls drinking beer and the Obama family multi million dollar fun trips which we help pay for.

Did you buy the Bush twins a Bud-Lite? I don't think so.

Posted 1243 days ago.

Oniell, I have no problem with eliminating ALL government subsidies. Eliminating Medicare/Medicaid waste is a simple as following private insurance practices on payments. Medicare/Medicaid pays as much as 25% in waste where as private insurance pays less than 2%. Get rid of ALL loopholes, not just those for the rich as just like the tax breaks you cry about, they’re nothing more than talking points and not huge revenue enhancement. If you’re going to eliminate the Bush/Obama tax rates, why not do it for all taxpayers? I have no problem with bringing ALL our troops home.

The thing is, if we do all of that AND address the CATASTROPHIC unfunded liabilities that face this nation, perhaps then all the tax rates could be lowered to reasonable rates.

I am curious about 2 things. First, what is “the rich” and how high should their tax rates be?

Posted 1243 days ago.

The jet set Obama girls are in Sun Valley Idaho on a ski trip now. While the not so privileged little girls can't even see inside the White House. That makes me sick.

Bush would be crucifed. He was beat up for going home, for goodness sakes. HOME to work as usual. Hardly a vacation. Obama never goes home to Chicago. Home is not pretentious and extravagant enough for the obamas.

I am tired of spending a fortune to fill up the tank while they waste our money jetting around. I read today where obama's new standards will raise gas 9 more cents a gal. He does not care.

CHicago. That would

Posted 1247 days ago.


Lol you don't even know me random.

Posted 1247 days ago.


Get rid of the penny and the dollar bill. No pennies would free up the coin drawers slot to handle the dollar coin that would only catch on if the bill didn't exist. With storage facilities brimming with unused dollar coins and costing money to store them we've got to do it.

Posted 1247 days ago.


Myth: You would be a zoo bear. Rummaging through dumpsters and garbage cans trying to survive because you wouldn't last long in the wild fending for yourself. However, if you were to try you might understand the necessity of having thirty rounds when twenty-nine might not be enough. If our government is not willing to stop the production of the penny that costs 2 cents to make, they aren't willing to change.

Posted 1247 days ago.

$3,900,000,000,000.00 is how much we will spend this year with revenues of approximately $2,900,000,000,000.00.

In 2001, revenue and expenditures were almost equal at $1,900,000,000,000.00.

In the 12 years since we about had it figured out, revenues hit record highs 3 separate years but it's not enough to counter the 100% increase in spending.

Posted 1247 days ago.


People are in for a rude awakening. Also I have seen first hand the effects Obamacare is having on the hiring of people.

Where I work. No full timers anymore! No chance of moving up. Your hours are kept at a minimum.

Now I know why the pilgrims chose to leave for the New World. If there was a place I could go to get away from the idiocy that is permeating this nation I would. Only if I had no family to leave behind though.

I'd rather struggle in the wild and face death and starvation than be bled of what I work for.

People of this nation are dying the death of a thousand cuts.

Its a shame. And it feels like there is diddly squat I can do about it.

Posted 1248 days ago.

Myth, I read that same article. It is supposed to take an 80 percent hike in Wisconsin and a huge jump in Ohio too. No ordinary person can handle that.

I trust Fred's Medicare won't raise quite that much.

Posted 1248 days ago.


I read where in some states certain demographics are going to see in some cases a 60 to 80 percent increase in health insurance premiums as a result of Obamacare.

That was on the Huffington Post.

Once the costs start hurting people you we are more than likely going to see a ground swell of people go against Obamacare.

Its already effected me. The almost worthless insurance I had went up in price and I said enough was enough.

And now lots of places are going to be dictating how we carry out our personal lives by making health screenings mandatory for employment and charging you more according to your health.

Posted 1248 days ago.

"American doctors are increasingly concerned about changes already implemented or coming to the health-care system, and some are opting to retire sooner than planned.

Deloitte’s 2013 survey of U.S. physicians found 57% doctors view changes in the industry under the Affordable Care Act as a threat, and six in 10 physicians report it’s likely that many will retire earlier than planned in the next two to three years. This trend could cause more widespread issues in the health-care system that is already coping with doctor and nurse shortages in some areas of the country."

Read more: h ttp://w ww.foxbusiness.c om/personal-finance/2013/03/27/rather-than-deal-with-health-care-reform-doctors-mull-early-retirement/#ixzz2OnsUjqvd

Obamacare in Obamaland.....ain't it great? I WON, you know.

Posted 1248 days ago.

"Three weeks ago we gave Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood government a $250 million economic stimulus package, and this week we decided to double-down in our national support for anti-Semites by giving the Palestinian Authority its own $500 million bonus."

Posted 1249 days ago.

The states whose costs will rise astronomically all voted for Obama. Everyone who voted for him deserves what he doles out to them.

They were more concerned with Romney's dog riding on top of the car, and on the binders, notebooks, he had of women's applications for jobs. Uninformed voters are worse than no voters.

32 per cent !! Remember when we were told " you won't pay ONE dime more"

Posted 1249 days ago.

"A watershed moment in the ongoing disaster of ObamaCare, as Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius finally admits that health insurance premiums are rising because of the President’s health insurance takeover, per the Wall Street Journal:"

Posted 1249 days ago.

I WON !!! Hand over your 32 percent more.

Posted 1249 days ago.

Did everyone see the "new" news out today about the COST of Obamacare? Is anyone surprised? I wonder if Nancy is finding out what is in it yet.

32 per cent more. Now that hurts.

Posted 1249 days ago.


The White House has more staff members than there are members in the House of Representatives. They used to break the list down into who they worked for but now they basically just lump them under the title White House staff. Haven't heard of any cut backs there.

Posted 1250 days ago.

I WON. So I can spend like a king.

Did you hear me? I WON! !!!

Posted 1250 days ago.


Both parties waste money. Why waste time slap fighting each other?

Divide and conquer!

As I see it we should put aside our petty differences and gripes and set about clearing our government of all the parasites thats dragging us down.

But when people absolutely get off on being polarized and fighting each other the nation is already lost.

Because in the absence of our focused scrutiny we are being robbed of our nation.

So keep on keeping on if you hate our nation.

Democrat or Republican. Be an American first!

Posted 1250 days ago.

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