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99 days ago.
by slinky

Thankfully, the anti-science propaganda campaign surrounding man-made climate change seems to have lost some of its effect.

Are you seeing storm clouds on the horizon? Two recent studies suggest that the latest anti-science campaign is following its forerunners--the propaganda campaigns attempting to refute science that tobacco causes cancer, that CFC's caused the hole in the ozone layer, and so on—into oblivion. Global warming denial seems to have climbed to a peak in 2010, and global warming acceptance is now climbing. This bodes well for rational public policy.


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h ttp://w ww.globalwarminghysteria.c om/ten-myths-of-global-warming/

The sky is not falling.

Posted 992 days ago.

It all depends on each individual's common sense interpretation of the many differing opinions.

h ttp://w ww.occupycorporatism.c om/eco-fascist-james-hansen-admits-global-warming-is-not-man-made/

Posted 992 days ago.


Exactly! The oceans started warming at the same time humans started burning more fossil fuels.

This from the link Random21 posted confirms what I said,

“Previous research has shown that the Earth is absorbing more heat than it is radiating, and that 90 percent of the excess heat added to the climate system since the 1960s has been stored in the oceans.”

So the link put up by Random21 confirms it—there has been a warming trend, and the oceans are storing the excess heat.

Posted 992 days ago.


livescience.c om/19414-oceans-warming-135-years.htm l Even admits they cooked the numbers but oceans have been warming for the last 15 decades not just recently.

Posted 992 days ago.


“…there has not been a warming trend in the last 10-12 years.”

That statement isn’t true. There has been a warming trend. The oceans are warming.

“…the Earth’s mean near-surface temperature paused its rise during the 2000–2010 period… Most of this excess energy was absorbed in the top 700?m of the ocean at the onset of the warming pause…Our results hence point at the key role of the ocean heat uptake in the recent warming slowdown. The ability to predict retrospectively this slowdown not only strengthens our confidence in the robustness of our climate models, but also enhances the socio-economic relevance of operational decadal climate predictions.”

ww m/nclimate/journal/vaop/ncurrent/full/nclimate1863.html

So “most of this excess (heat) was absorbed in the top 700m of the ocean,” and that “strengthens our confidence in the robustness of our climate models.”

Posted 992 days ago.

May 25, and we are bringing in my hanging baskets and potted flowers. Woe is me.

I seem to keep reading that there has not been a warming trend in the last 10-12 years.

But as far as what people believe, watch the street interviews on Hannity and OReilly. Those poor dumb nuts don't know up from down. It's pathetic.

Posted 993 days ago.


As I posted earlier, even a majority of Republicans disagrees that climate change is “glorified tea reading.”

“For the first time since Fall 2008, a majority (51%) of self-identified Republicans stated that they think global warming is occurring, as of late Fall 2012.”

closup.umich.ed u/files/nsee-climate-belief-fall-2012.pdf

Posted 993 days ago.

Give us a date when the world's climate was ever stable. It is not possible. The changes were so immense that the geographic face of the earth was changed beyond comprehension.

And there is no written record of "normal" temperatures, precipitation,etc., to make valid comparisons. Climate change is glorified tea leaf reading. It is also fraud.

Posted 993 days ago.


Public: Inhofe way off

Senator James Inhofe has repeatedly denied that the US should reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The American public disagrees, according to a recent report from the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication and the George Mason University Center for Climate Change Communication.

“Six in ten Americans (59%) say the U.S. should reduce its own greenhouse gas emissions regardless of what other countries do. Relatively few (10%) say the U.S. should reduce its emissions only if other industrialized and/or developing countries do –and only 6 percent of Americans say the U.S. should not reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.”

Sen. Inhofe has mentioned the economic costs of addressing global warming. Americans say they will pay economic costs.

“A large majority of Americans (84%) say the U.S. should make an effort to reduce global warming, even if it has economic costs.”

htt p://

Posted 993 days ago.


More people are accepting the scientific consensus. Meanwhile, the consensus grows among climate scientists, albeit slowly.

In a new study called “Quantifying the consensus on anthropogenic global warming in the scientific literature” published May 15, scientists looked at 12,000 peer-reviewed climate change papers published by 30,000 authors over 20 years to see what percentage agreed that climate change is caused by humans.

“The number of papers rejecting AGW is a miniscule proportion of the published research, with the percentage slightly decreasing over time. Among papers expressing a position on AGW, an overwhelming percentage (97.2% based on self-ratings, 97.1% based on abstract ratings) endorses the scientific consensus on AGW.”

Note: the percentage of rejectors declined, albeit slightly.

Of the 1200 authors who responded to a request to give an opinion, only 39 rejected the consensus.

htt p://iopscience.iop.o rg/1748-9326/8/2/024024/article

Posted 1002 days ago.


A more recent survey of six year olds trusted the Tooth Fairy by a higher majority than the Easter Bunny. 19 years and people have caught on. These trusted scientists sell themselves to the highest bidder.

Posted 1002 days ago.


Versus intellectuals that want to keep their grants coming and don't know which ends up? Those hypocrites that stir the pot and then sell out to evil hydrocarbon producers when the money's right, laughing at their believers.

Posted 1002 days ago.


Thought you were now selling fifteen year old magazine subscriptions without the promise of a big check. Funny the article dates from the same time as the bull started piling up. Coincidence? Also don't believe in coincidence.

Posted 1003 days ago.

You can't read? Lol

Posted 1017 days ago.

Your blindness is not an asset.

Posted 1018 days ago.

We are not "giving up" freedoms. They are being stolen from us. We no longer have the basic right to lead our own lives, make our own decisions, and spend our hard earned money as we choose.

The power grabs of the Obama administration have turned us into environmental slaves. Can you decide to buy a large sized comfortable car that your grandma can get in and out of?

Can you buy your child a Happy Meal with more than 3 French fries in it???

Can you pay your own medical bills and not be forced to have insurance?

Can you send your child to required schools and know that history facts are taught instead of socialist ideology?

Can anyone build a new power plant and power it with coal???

He tries to control our speech. ( Don't say illegal immigrant, anymore,folks)

The list could go on forever.

Posted 1018 days ago.


Who specifically says there hasn't been warming in 10 years? I say check your source!

Posted 1019 days ago.


" Too much data shows many cycles of climate over recorded history"

But the thing is the current warming can not be accounted for by natural causes. At least the bulk of it. There are natural variables at play. But none of them can account for all the warming.

You do know we have taken billions of tons of carbon out of the ground and set it loose into the atmosphere?

That has consequences.

Posted 1020 days ago.


Your money and your freedoms are products of your government, and the ice sheets aren't melting because of the actions of a wizard behind a curtain in the land of oz. I do know that I enable a greater potential for passive solar heat, if my collection medium isn't reflective of the sun's rays.

Posted 1021 days ago.


The one item I could never come to grips with was the size of earth. 70% water 20% uninhabitable and how much of that remaining 10% is actually inhabited? 1/2 a percent? And in a hundred or so years we have caused global warming? Yes,you are right I don't understand the data.

Posted 1022 days ago.

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