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101 days ago.
by slinky

Thankfully, the anti-science propaganda campaign surrounding man-made climate change seems to have lost some of its effect.

Are you seeing storm clouds on the horizon? Two recent studies suggest that the latest anti-science campaign is following its forerunners--the propaganda campaigns attempting to refute science that tobacco causes cancer, that CFC's caused the hole in the ozone layer, and so on—into oblivion. Global warming denial seems to have climbed to a peak in 2010, and global warming acceptance is now climbing. This bodes well for rational public policy.


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And on the border issue. Within a month of 9-11-01 that border should have been the process of being sealed.

Bush had eight years to take care of it and didn't lift a finger once.

But leave it to a conservative to leave something unfixed and then ***** and complain when the next guy doesn't fix it either.

Hows it put in cases like that.

Oh yea. You got no room to complain!

Freaking dimwits.

Posted 532 days ago.


Oh and Tiredofit. You got 203 pages with lots of info to go through for the information you seek. Have at it sport.

We've played this game a multitude of times.

Facts are laid out and you reject them.

So really whats the point in repeating something that you have already rejected time and time again?

There is none!

You are as simple as a child and the "discussions" devolve into schoolyard banter when you are in the mix.

You aren't interested in the facts.

You are one of those idiots that likes to take something that's been put on the table then sweep it off on the floor with your hand while laughing like a hyena and doing a victory dance.

Posted 532 days ago.


We dont really have a good choice when it comes to who governs us.

Sad to say it it all comes down to the lesser of two evils. The people understand this and vote accordingly.

Twice they voted against conservative governance.

And to make out like the left is the only ones telling fibs is completely disingenuous.

But whats to be expect from the righties.

They're hardcore hypocrites.

Posted 532 days ago.


OMG! The idiocy abounds on here.

Socialists and commies and marxists oh my!

Hey Ithink. Winning because of lies?

A war got started because of lies. Thank Bush for that.

Which by the way has blown up in our faces. You see as bad as Saddam was he kept the lid on groups like Isis. I don't ever really think he would have ever used a WMD on us. ISIS on the other hand? They'd nuke us in heartbeat if they could.

So there's that little problem.

Posted 532 days ago.


"How many terrorists has obama let cross our border?"

Don't you know with facts?

It seems Obama won in spite of lies toward him: Kenya, Birth Certificate, Socialist, war on coal, taking guns away, being Islamic...all lies and yet he still won.

Posted 533 days ago.

Kendall, winning because of lies and cover ups reveals a loser when the real results are here. Heads literally start to roll. American heads.And it is just beginning.

How many terrorists has obama let cross our border?

Posted 533 days ago.


I would like to thank you again Tired for supporting the fact that man has damaged the Ozone Layer and therefor effects how the Earth absorbs heat.

It's so nice you believe in man made global warming. Unless you didn't mean it which means you are just a bold face liar.

Posted 533 days ago.


"He is a loser"

But a loser that the Republicans lost twice to...what does that make them?

Posted 533 days ago.

Obama's foreign policy is to bow to our enemies and bad mouth America. Check the news and see how that is working out. He is a loser, but unfortunately, we are losing too. Big time.

Posted 533 days ago.

Gee, myth, I don't feel a bit dumb when I am answering questions on Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune. I don't imagine you, Kendall, and ohweirdone do so good. There aren't too many questions on Marxism.

Posted 533 days ago.


At least Obama did look into Putin's soul like some people did and get taken for a fool.

Posted 533 days ago.

Too bad obama didn't listen to Palin about Russia. She was right on th money. So was Romney.

What has obamy been right about? Nothing!

You have it all wrong myth. We like Fox and Rush,too, because they agree with us on issues. My brain is quite capable of deciding what I believe, and what I don't.

But if I followed someone it sure wouldn't be MSNBC communists.

Posted 533 days ago.


Heck whats really pathetic is that if a conservative expresses any sort of views counter to what every other conservative is believing at the time....they get labeled a fraud etc.

There's no freedom of thought.

You either tow the party line or you get out.

I would like someone to explain how any type of understanding can be had with people like that?

As far as I am concerned no understanding can be had.

Its either their way or they highway.

Rather dictatorial don't you think?

Then they have the gaul to equate those who don't see eye to eye with them as being tyrannical or whatever catchy phrase thats en vogue for them right now.

Posted 533 days ago.


The people that harbor that sort of disposition are disingenuous and use it as a means of undermining any real discussion on the issue.

Posted 533 days ago.


"Sarah Palin isn't an elected public employee,ex-teacher."

Yea you're right. But she is a conservative "leader". She talks. The righties listen.

She's a grade A panderer.

She's made herself a product to be consumed. And boy do the righties lap it up.

Whats bad is that when people like her say stuff. False stuff. There's no issuing a correction. There's no telling them that they are wrong and this is the truth.

Trying to set things straight just makes them believe the falsehood even more.

And that has been demonstrated in spades on these very forums.

You lay out everything the shows man has a role in changing the climate. They dig in even deeper. Deny what you say. Or ignore it. Then keep on asking for proof.

Its the old trick of moving the goal posts.

There is nothing that anyone can say or bring to the table when someone is so locked into their own position that they are unmovable from that position.

Posted 533 days ago.


Sarah Palin isn't an elected public employee,ex-teacher.

Posted 533 days ago.


Rightwing news etc. Says climate change is a hoax.

Then you guys come on here and repeat that. And every other falsehood thats thrown out there.

Posted 533 days ago.


And going back to Fox News. There is not getting around it. Roger Ailes has an agenda.

His agenda though lacks a lot of facts and loves to make baseless attacks.

Which the right eats right up.

A study did find out that people who watch Fox(and in my opinion this applies to other rightwing news sources because they operate in a similar manner)are far less informed on the issues that people who get their news elsewhere.

In other words watching Fox makes a person dumb.

Posted 533 days ago.


Never said dems are excused from such actions.

It just so happens that if ones looks at what is peddled to those on the right...its bought hook line and sinker. And those doing the peddling are making a fortune off of it.

Just saying that because if all you hear and see is just what you want to see and guys are setting yourselves up to be deceived.

A snake oil salesman doesn't care who he sales to. He just cares that there are chumps out there that will buy what he is selling.

This brings up an interesting angle that would be nice to know the details of.

A lot of older people get caught up in scams. I wonder what the breakdown along political lines is for that. Who gets scammed easier. Liberals or Conservatives? Being that its seems that its the older conservatives who are the ones raising the biggest stink I have to wonder if their opinions aren't the result of buying to much snake oil?

Posted 533 days ago.


"They have a tendency to create "news" by their own hand if you will."

Yeah because if you listen to the commentators on The Five, you would think all Obama does is play golf, somehow plans on the complete destruction of the US as we know it but yet doesn't know what he is doing at all.

Posted 533 days ago.

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