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15 hours ago.
by Kendall78

Thankfully, the anti-science propaganda campaign surrounding man-made climate change seems to have lost some of its effect.

Are you seeing storm clouds on the horizon? Two recent studies suggest that the latest anti-science campaign is following its forerunners--the propaganda campaigns attempting to refute science that tobacco causes cancer, that CFC's caused the hole in the ozone layer, and so on—into oblivion. Global warming denial seems to have climbed to a peak in 2010, and global warming acceptance is now climbing. This bodes well for rational public policy.


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Oneill, why do you constantly put your ignorance on display by talking about what the "right" will do? I am on tbe right and being a long time subscriber to the News and Sentinel, how will I be affected? Talking about yourself?

Hope you and the peers are keeping warm. A fake concensus just gives an illusion of warmth so be careful.

Posted 192 days ago.


A consensus in sciences is just that.a consensus. Any IMBE--cile that had to resort to idiotic accusations of someone watching fox news is . . . . .well is just a freaking imbecile.

And that's is my consensus.

Posted 192 days ago.


Oneil exactly "Climatologists" A a gathering of two or more persons who agree on a subject "a consensus' They are NOT scientists and their "ideas" are never approved through the science world vetting process. They are NOT approved because they have ALWAYS failed to use "proper" scientific methods. So you can have two or you can have thousands that have a "consensus" and they can all hold "peer" reviews and then clap each other on their backs HOWEVER the science field rejects all their Consensus.

Time to wake up and smell the garbage you drank last night oniel..............AGW and all the quacking about Climate Change has come to light........

Give it up

Posted 193 days ago.


Climate Scintetstetetesteeees can "consensus" all they want that's all it is a consensus. However science is real with facts not consensuses. And you won't find anyone in the "science" world take it beyond a consensus.

Why because its garbage only imbecile could possible believe in.

They have never done anything but "peer" reviews because the science community rejects their hypothesis and their theories BECAUSE they fail to use scientific methods in their decisions.

Posted 195 days ago.


Climate scientists inhabit a world foreign to most of us. So we can find it hard to believe what they say, especially when many of us, including me, have close friends and relatives who don’t want to believe anthropogenic CO2 is causing problems.

Yet climate scientists only grow stronger in their consensus.

Geochemist James Powell reviewed 2259 peer-reviewed articles from 9136 authors recently published (11/13 to 12/14). Of those, only one “propose(d) a fundamentally different reason for temperature rise than anthropogenic CO2).”

******* m/the-curiouswavefunction/2014/01/10/about-that-consensus-on-global-warming-9136-agree-one-disagrees/

Maybe the networks didn’t report much on the work of skeptical climate scientists because skeptical scientists are so hard to find.

Like it or not, it seems to me we’ll have to accept this global warming science.

Posted 197 days ago.

h ttp://cnsnews.c om/mrctv-blog/sean-long/cold-shoulder-abc-cbs-exclude-scientists-critical-global-warming-more-1300-days

"COLD SHOULDER: ABC, CBS Exclude Scientists Critical of Global Warming for More Than 1,300 Days -

Like a simple parlor trick, the networks are able to make skeptical scientists vanish, at least from the eyes of their viewers."

No wonder viewers of the alphabet networks think the science is settled and every scientist agrees with them.

Censorship at its worst. Dispute the facts if you can, not the source.

Posted 208 days ago.


What do you , is real ;)

I have my Climate Scientestes honors hanging on my wall. I only tried to walk through 4 doors on my way home

Posted 213 days ago.

That is hilarious, Thatsabsurd. Lol It is so realistic, is what makes it funny.

Posted 213 days ago.


To be fair i decided to go to Globe warmer school......WHAT AN EXPERIENCE

There were only about 3 of us there..(not much belief in this anymore)

We were taight about Globe warming and how to spread the word.

First we were told Deny deny Deny................. when we were all sure we were capable of denying all logical sound and "Real" science we moved on to session two. There we were were told to lie lie lie. Once we were sure we could lie they moved us to an art room gave us a roll of Aluminum foil and had us make Tin-foil hats for our graduation ceremony.

The best part. At graduation we were recognized as Climate Scientists and told we could write far fetched stories that only Imbeciles would believe about AGW

Posted 213 days ago.


Ithink copies a favorite propaganda tactic the counter climate change movement uses to attack the science of 97% of the most credible climate researchers:

Ignore or demean the 97%, and advertise the outliers.

“But time will tell just who has fell, and who’s been left behind.

Posted 215 days ago.

Just listened to the co-founder of Greenpeace say there is no scientific evidence whatsoever that man is causing climate change.

Posted 216 days ago.

h ttp://w ww.forbes.c om/sites/larrybell/2011/04/26/climate-change-as-religion-the-gospel-according-to-gore/

" Global warming (aka “climate change”) has become a religious mantra, a call for action in a crusade against larger evils ......"

Religion is usually, but not always, about faith in a super being,

Posted 216 days ago.


That's why I don't like it when certain people imply that the science of global warming is the same a religion. Religion requires faith, where science requires evidence that can be tested.

Posted 217 days ago.


The difference between Religion and Science is something called faith Tired. One must have faith to believe in a religion. Science takes avaailable evidence and creates a hypothesis from that evidence and then tests it.

One cannot test to see if God exists. A person however can test to see if increased CO2 effects climate change. One can test to see if solar radiation is responsible for climate change.

Posted 217 days ago.


mythravere....time to gouge my eyes out...the visual is killing me. you owe me for the dinner i just lost. 8-)

Posted 218 days ago.

If warmers are right, why do they need to silence skeptics? Charles Krauthammer writes about "the myth of settled science" in the Wahington Post, and the cult tries to get the paper to not publish his column. Just like Holder and the Justice Dept and the IRS behave.

Where did freedom of speech go?

Posted 218 days ago.


mythravere..there is plenty of panty-bunching to go around...that is if you wear them. 8-)

Posted 218 days ago.

Continued...... I feel so safe because we have a Sec. Of State who says climate change is the worst WMD. It 's so comforting to know he puts it ahead of Iran and their nuclear program, isn't it? I am so upset by GW and worried that the sea level might rise an inch or two. But never fear, mighty man is in charge and will handle the wind, temperatures, and water masses. Harry will long as we pay no attention to the snow and cold, and remember that it is not climate.

Our security is in the hands of complete idiots.

Biden, Hagel, obama, and Kerry, the EPA,and the senate democrats. And seasoned with radical judges.

Posted 218 days ago.

We are having some more weather today. Totally unrelated to climate, of course. I mustn't upset harry and the climate cult.

I feel so safe. W

Posted 218 days ago.


Far beyond the time this planet will be habitable by homosapiens.

Posted 220 days ago.

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