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348 days ago.
by R1KRA8

How Much Tyranny Will We Ignore ?

When Woodward told the facts about Obama and sequester, the White House told him he would regret it. That is a threat and not the first one. The media and us don't blink an eye. Bush would have been crucified.


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Sorry didn't notice it was almost three months ago on the last Myth post. Must have survived.

Posted 484 days ago.


Myth: After trying to read and comprehend your last posts I am concerned about your health. You seem to be unable to command the keyboard with your usually clarity and you may have suffered a mini-stroke. Go call 911 and get immediate attention. Don't want to lose an avid poster due to medical problems.

Posted 484 days ago.


"How Much Tyranny Will We Ignore ?"

I'd say A TON of it if our media elites has motive to hide it from us.

Let's take a look at the incestuous relationship between Obama and the Liberal Media.

"News Organizations have “Ties” to the White House"

h ttp://catholicglasses.c om/2013/05/15/news-organizations-have-ties-to-the-white-house/

Posted 484 days ago.


Obama is a product the same as Bush. Meant to fulfill and end and nothing else.

But the fact remains that one guy was sited as the reason to go into Iraq and turns out his honesty from the get go was suspect.

It didn't matter an agenda was being pursued. Namely on oil laced agenda.

Posted 569 days ago.

Facts are not negotiable. Congress gave Bush the authority to go to war, and he used the evidence that was given to him by the Clintons, Jay Rockefeller and the other high profile democrats. Many videos are available proving it.

But proof does not matter to liberals and the press. Proof is shown about Obama's constant lies and he goes right on lying. And why not, it works.

You have no proof whatsoever that Bush would order drones to kill Americans. That is your opinion. Bush was, and is an honorable man. Deaths are tragic but booze kills more in one year than the total war causalities. I grieve for every American service man or woman injured or killed, and contribute to several veterans' groups. I wish I could do more.

Honorable is not a word I associate with Obama.He has been in office more than 4 years and he is not held accountable for any of his actions and their consequences.

Posted 570 days ago.


"If you're not with us you're against us" The rightwing after 9-11.

And false outrage is one thing but manufacturing consent to go to war that has lead to the deaths of thousands for reasons of greed is ok?

Lets just acknowledge the one intrinsic truth concerning that state of this country.

Hypocrisy is the rule of the land and both sides wallow in it like a pig in the slop!

It could be that all that we see is a plan of breaking this country from within going according to plan.

Its either that or the people of this nation from top to bottom are a stupid disjointed lot that loves the drama of hating each other.

Case in point. The use of drones. Its nothing the Bush wouldn't have done.

There is only minor differences between Bush and Obama.

Posted 571 days ago.

w ww.businessinsider.c om/bob-woodward-obama-sequester-white-house-reporting-price-politics-2013-2

Drones are ordered to kill American citizens and we don't blink an eye. A massive false outrage was manufactured about TWO terrorists being water boarded, when the purpose was to get information to save American lives. What a red herring that was, but it worked.

Anything the savior does is okay with the press, liberals, takers, and unknowing empty headed voters.

Posted 571 days ago.

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