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1295 days ago.
by mythravere


Question for you gun hating, global warming idiots, fiat currency luvin, TARP has been repaid, Stimulus worked, unemployment is below 18%, illegals should be made legal, desire to kill a repukin IMBECILES How do you watch this address tonight? Do you get out the party trays of snacks like a sport event, do you jump up and down and cheer when the "one" speaks. Do you praise yourselves as being the 'educated" ones with the answers to everything "JUST" because your a liberal? Do you get naked? Wear silly clothes? Do tell the world wants to know


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I dont watch SOTU addresses. I could care less anymore. Just a big O'l hunk of government cheese telling you what they want you to hear.

But I do love to come on this site and watch the nuts complain. Dang fine entertainment!

Posted 1295 days ago.

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