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283 days ago.
by Kunectdots

I love the state of W. Va..

We may not bend to the whim of the silver-tongued talking heads on the magic box in our living rooms but we aren't as stupid as you think we are. I have yet to see a "doomsday" scenario map where W. Va. wasn't one of the last "affected" areas by whatever the fear mongers wanted us to be scared of.


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NOW, the operators of the brine injection wells at Torch, Ohio are seeking permission to establish a 4th well. If I were an attorney representing DuPont in ongoing litigation concerning the ill-effects of C8 on humans, I'd be ALL IN FAVOR of as many brine wells established downriver as possible. Future disease development will be hard to blame upon DuPont's negligence if other poisons are being pumped into the aquifers by brine disposal units.

Posted 283 days ago.


Got any specifics?

Posted 881 days ago.

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