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23 days ago.
by Tiredofit

Republican Obstructionism

There is less than a month until our nation's fiscal cliff is reached. While some would have us believe that reaching the fiscal cliff will be the end of the world, in reality, it will barely put a band-aid on our severed limb of debt and spending problems. The problems were not a result of a single presidency. The debt and current spending deficits are the result of decades of spending more money than is taken in by our federal government. It has been exacerbated by two recent wars and the worst economic recession in 70 years.


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They all screwed up. Simple as that. Obama won't budge or even appear to be open to other ideas. The Dems won't compromise in any way. The Republicans know they can't stop Obamacare and won't just give in.

They are all hurting the nation. Best thing to happen is that the Republicans make a big spiel about doing what must be done to help the nation and signing off on the budget. While of course making it clear they (like the majority of Americans) do not agree with Obamacare.

Posted 364 days ago.


The forums are at least still up while comments have been stopped on all other article except the latest poll. Above one article was the invitation to write an online letter to the editor if you had an opinion on the item.

Posted 365 days ago.

All that has to be done to meet our current obligations is for Barrack Obama to do what he said and end the current wars overseas. End Afghanistan along with the drone wars in Pakistan, Somali and Yemen and there is no need to increase the debt ceiling as spending needs will be met.

It really is that simple.

Posted 373 days ago.


The unfunded costs of the Afghanistani and Iraqi campaigns, the unfunded bush tax cuts(passed by the reconciliation method),and the unfunded Medicare drug bill( now funded through the AHCA),and the collapse of the housing industry and the associated fuzzy math/accounting in the investment world( the 40:1 leveraging of the dollar) cannot be dismissed as irrelavent to the situation.

Posted 373 days ago.


"The fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a sign that the U.S. Government can’t pay its own bills. It is a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our Government’s reckless fiscal policies. … Increasing America’s debt weakens us domestically and internationally. Leadership means that “the buck stops here.” Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better." BY BHO while still just a Senator when he voted against raising the debt limit because he wanted to defund the Iraq was."

Posted 376 days ago.


Although the government has had a deficit nearly every month, the National Debt has remained stuck at $16,699,396,000,000 even though they have borrowed money every month. They have used government pension funds as their private piggy bank and Freddie and Fannie are make payments due to $85,000,000,000 from the Fed being laundered by buying up mortgages. If an individual used these tactics they would end up behind bars, but the government has for last three months or longer.

Posted 381 days ago.


You have people running Gov’t agencies that willingly, repeat willingly, followed Obama’s instructions on the Sequester which was to make the sequester as damaging and inconvenient to the Citizens of the USA as possible. You have a president whose only economic plan is to raise taxes and prop of Gov’t unions. He has presented no other plans. Unemployment is still out of sight and corporations are hoarding trillions because they are scared to death as to what else is up Obama’s sleeve. Every Gov’t official that went along with the “punish the citizens” plan from the sequester without pushing back needs to be let go.

Posted 471 days ago.

Yes, the system spends much time and money protecting the identity of those on free lunch. But it is wasted time, these days. Kids brag about getting free lunch now.

I would have taken an old heel of bread and folded it over to look like a sandwich before I would have eaten free lunch. It is not that way now.

A teacher close to me, was trying to teach her class about the value of education, so you can work and get a pay check. One girl spoke up, in front of the whole class, and said, " My mom gets a check, and she does'nt work". As I said, they brag about getting something for nothing.

Posted 634 days ago.


well, ithink, I was not aware that it was that high. I did know, however, that the numbers nationwide ( those that are entitled )have escalated considerably due to this little thing called a you feel this program should not exist?

Posted 638 days ago.

Yes, moderation, "as in a minority of kids". In West Virginia 54% are on free and reduced lunches. In our ares it is 68% in Calhoun Co. and 66% in Doddridge.

The mind set of "takers" is that the more free lunches, the better. It is the criteria that qualifies schools for Title 1 programs and other goodies.

Posted 638 days ago.


Ithink said-"Only in America do the takers have as much as the workers. It starts with the school lunch program where the free lunch kids run up and get another free milk. The few kids who pay for their lunches can't afford another milk." The "few "kids? As in a minority of kids? Comeon Ithink! What you are saying is that the subsidized kids outnumber the ones that do have the resources to purchase lunches. And, if that was a fact, I would say that our society has issues that the learned haven't recognized. But, hey, you and I as well as millions more have it kinda good,now don't we? Happy New Year, ithink.

Posted 638 days ago.

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