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19 hours ago.
by slinky

U.S. Ambassador killed in Lybia, what should America's response be?

Ambassador Chris Stevens became the first amabssador since 1979 to die while doing his duty. What should the US's response be in this situation?


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Hate filled and brain washed pretty much sums up your expertise! How many of the others who post here spend the kinda time you do immersed in right-wing, hate filled propaganda ? Pretty simple isnt it ?

Posted 19 hours ago.


The aforementioned post brought to you by a consummate Troll who's primary rebuttal is rarely the posting of opposing empirical evidence or research, but "brainwashed" this or that,"obsessed and indoctrinated", "hate filled bullsh&t, propaganda", yada, yada, yada.

OHwiseone/slinky, besides the fact that you represent yourself on here as possessing a very limited intellect, have your friends and relatives ever informed you that you ARE a world-class bore?

Posted 2 days ago.

Yeah boy that one hurt !LOL ! And just what does that lame statement prove ? Why my point of course ! I sure wouldnt be proud of the fact that I was low functioning which led to being brainwashed but apparently you enbrace it ! Figures !

Posted 4 days ago.


Well, I've apparently got more time to "dig" it up than you've time to bury it. I don't see very many substantiated rebuttals ever being spiked back at me from your side of the net, Loser.

Remember the congressman yelling "You lie" at Obama during the SOTU address?

"California Senate Votes To Open Up Obamacare To 2.5 Million Illegal Residents"

h ttp://healthpolicyandmarket.blogspot.c om/

Posted 5 days ago.

Townhall: Conservative news, politics, opinion, breaking ...More of conects hate filled bullsh&t !Like I said " just how much time can one person sit and dig through all the hate filled propaganda" ? Nah youre not brainwashed !(sarcasm)

Posted 5 days ago.


Speaking of "OBSTRUCTIONIST", he's how Black-eye Harry Reid plans to handle a bipartisan bill crafted to protect the American people. I swear it's too bad his drunken brother didn't take his head off the night of their family get-together.

"Reid: Oh, You Bet We'll Filibuster That Bipartisan Syrian Refugees Bill"

h ttp://townhall.c om/tipsheet/guybenson/2015/11/19/reid-oh-you-bet-well-filibuster-that-bipartisan-syrian-refugees-bill-n2082983

Posted 6 days ago.

Now really , just how much time can one person sit and ddig through all the hate filled propaganda ? Nah youre not brainwashed !

Posted 6 days ago.

Nah , your not obsessed and indoctrinated with the rights "its all obama's fault" strategy ! Why just take a gander at the incessant hate filled posts ! Fact is , this all started the day Obama was put in office with the republican meeting that came up with the ole "Obstruction " Thing !

Posted 6 days ago.


The reading audience, here, will have to imagine what much of slinky/ohwiseone's responses were to much of what I posted here earlier because they were removed.

I can already guess what his reaction will be to this one because he knows that EVERYTHING IS BUSH'S FAULT and I'M A HATER (or so he has told me ad nauseum).

Obama is wrong 'every single time' on ISIS"

h ttps://w om/watch?v=D0H8slu8c4o

Posted 6 days ago.


I bet you're (ohwiseone) are glad that Obomba promised our military that he would not be sending them back into Iraq. If I had a relative stationed at Ayn al-Assad Air Base, I'd be SERIOUSLY concerned.

Here's another sourced reference for you to scan. NOT FOX, NOT FOX, so don't get aroused!

Tribal leader: Iraqi troops in Anbar could 'collapse within hours'

By Greg Botelho and Jomana Karadsheh, CNN

?Updated 7:45 PM ET, Sat February 14, 2015

h ttp://w ww.cnn.c om/2015/02/14/middleeast/isis-iraq-syria/index.html

Posted 286 days ago.


Obama just continues to disappoint!

seems I remember him going around Congress (again) with his decision on how to handle Muammar Gaddafi

"ISIS Just Invaded A Country Obama Abandoned"

h ttp://w ww.westernjournalism.c om/isis-now-libya/#S4dPy5wd0mZW7Av0.99

h ttps://w om/watch?v=na2HqGGyvME

Posted 300 days ago.


Quotation and truism from harryanderson:

"Troll." "Dead end useful idiot."

No matter how long one stays away, when one returns, one will find Ohwiseone and Stillhere foiling rational discourse with their childish insults. (end quote)

Posted 25 days ago under; "Thankfully, the anti-science propaganda campaign surrounding man-made climate change seems to have lost some of its effect."

I don't often agree with your Progressive bent, but we see eye-to-eye on that one. I do wish ohwiseone would leave the "childish insults" to a professional, such as myself. LOL

Posted 328 days ago.


Is imitation the purest form of flattery?

Keep it up and I'll decide. LOL

Posted 328 days ago.


LIKE YOU SAID ~~~~ You've wasted space here, as usual.

Posted 328 days ago.


AND the following consequence will likely be Obama being more diabolical than ever.

Posted 328 days ago.


And the REALITY is more like I suggest with you logic, and even your math, being BACKASSWARD.

Posted 332 days ago.


You shouldn't really talk about FORMER (God I gonna love saying that) Senate Majority Leader Harry Punch-drunk Reid. He is, after all, probably your elder.

Posted 333 days ago.


Whom are YOU following? I believe your rhetoric speaks for itself. From what you post, I can imagine you swearing at Obama for not being far enough to the Left.

Can you reveal JUST ONE action that Obama has taken that you find disturbing and, if so, why?

Posted 334 days ago.


1. Gerrymandering is an undemocratic practice of which both parties have been guilty.

2. New computer algorithms make gerrymandering much more effective.

3. California voters ended gerrymandering by taking redistricting out of the hands of the legislature before the 2010 census, so the politicians didn't draw the current California district lines.

Posted 334 days ago.


And you guys keep pulling out that "Dems took a whopping" card. OK?

But what about the gerrymandering that took place in the run up to these past elections?

Dont claim victory in a card game when you stack the deck in your favor.

Just sayin!

Posted 335 days ago.

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