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891 days ago.
by R1KRA8

National Politics forum is awesome



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I'm certain all the citizens of WV are quite worried about a NJ Gov.

Posted 964 days ago.


Nix Christie....

Posted 964 days ago.


I can think of only 2 reasons why Tiredofit would state with certainty that I have never lived in the MOV.

1. He made it up to appeal to prejudice against “outsiders” in a misguided attempt to discredit me.

I hope this is the case, since the second explanation is more sinister.

2. He has been trying to uncover personal information about me that is irrelevant to any discussions here.

Posted 971 days ago.


“Harry does not live in the mid ohio valley nor has he ever lived here.”

I’ll put this as politely as possible, and say Tiredofit’s statement shows a great deal of imagination.

1. Since I have never said on here where I live, Tiredofit has no way knowing, unless he has been conducting inquiries into my background.

2. Even if he has been inquiring after “harryanderson,” how could Tiredofit know he has been stalking the right person? After all, I’ve never stated that “harryanderson” is my real name.

Posted 971 days ago.


Yes it is...and full of imbeciles galore.

Posted 973 days ago.



You have made an excellent point. I shouldn’t have said, “We try to make it fun.”

By using the word “we,” I can understand how over-sensitive folks would feel I presumed to speak for everybody. I didn’t mean to imply I spoke for everybody.

So, permit me to amend my statement to “I try to make it fun.” And I do have fun here.

I should have known better. Thanks for correcting me. I owe you a favor.

Posted 974 days ago.


You're welcome. We try to make it fun. I like to think we're all well-intentioned folks.

Posted 976 days ago.

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