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Obama ran on hope and change last time

Many voted for Obama with hopes he would be the man that would bring the country together and help bridge the gap between both sides of the isles. It is evident he has not done this; there is more gridlock now more than ever. Blame whomever you want; the bottom line is he did not do this. So the question now becomes do we stick with what is not working or go back to policies that didn’t work (Mitt). Not that I am fond of Mitt, but a Mitt/Rubio ticket would be tough to beat in Nov. and who knows if he is even eligible to run officially. Who knows if they would be better or not (doubt they could be worse). The whole dream act thing was basically Rubio’s idea, what bothers me about Obama is he basically circumvented our elected officials in Congress and jammed it down our throat; our country cannot be ran that way. I for one think anybody should be allowed to come to the US as long as they follow the policies set by our elected officials that are in the books. Anything else is illegal.


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