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Anatomy of an Internet TROLL

Anatomy of an internet troll by tiredofit Its sits there, in its tiny little room most likely in its mothers basement, basking in its misery. The delusions of grandure long gone, it now lives a cyber life where it can be anything it can convince someone of. As it lurks like a coiled garter snake, it waits for opportunity, for someone to post anything that upsets its view of socialist euphoria and risks the very benifits that makes it all possible. And there it is, a post on a meaningless forum. It springs like a spider monkey on mountain dew, assualting its adversary with blows. The realization that its intellect is somewhat lacking leaves it with only one choice. It must bring the enemy down to its level and fight on a more even playing field. However the enemy is clever pounding the troll with logic and reason. Time for plan B. The troll reaches for the RACE card but again finds it to be less than effective. Growing desperate, the troll attemps to assasinate the integrit


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