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What to do!?!?!?

I was recently in a gas station behind a woman who was puchasing several 20 oz pops and a lot of candy. Not unusual, but what really got me going was that she payed with her food stamp card. She then proceeded to pay cash for cigarettes. This really irritated me that this kind of junk can be bought with a food stamp card. Am I wrong in thinking that or am I not the only that this bothers. Another thing, some lives with a gentleman who works a 60,000 a year plus job, she recieves child support for 4 of the 5 kids she has, plus work baby sitting for cash. Now, she also recieves WIC, foodstamps and other assistance because she does not list his income, the child support income, or the baby sitting money. Isn't that fraud? What can I do about that. I'm tired of my wife and I putting in 120 hours plus combined in a work week and taking care of our kids, only to barely get by. Yet these others are thriving and they don't do a thing. I understand some people need help,but what about the othe


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