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1153 days ago.
by Kunectdots

Obama-shine is def over

In a recent gallup poll, the approval rating of Congress has hit an all time low at 13%. This includes a 15% with Democrats. This is interesting when one looks at the Democrat approval ratings after Obama became President. They were averaging in the 30s and was even as high as 63%. I think the luster that Obama gave the Dems in Congress is now over. Their typical behavior has worn it away.


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You can only polish a turd so much!!!!!

Posted 1299 days ago.


Obama-shine doesn’t seem to be over. An ABC News/Washington Post poll puts his approval rating at 60%. Furthermore, two groups who voted against him, independents and those over 65, now lean in his direction. m/seattlepolitics/2013/01/31/obama-approval-up-to-60-percent-national-poll/

Rasmussen puts Obama’s approval rating lower at 54%, but still up from last year.

ww m/public_content/politics/obama_administration/daily_presidential_tracking_poll

Rasmussen also reports, “Just 32% of voters now believe their local congressional representative deserves to be reelected.”

Seems the shine is off Congress more than Obama.

Posted 1304 days ago.

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