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Go Cantor Go!

The nation is in debt up to its eyeballs. President Obama wants to raise taxes, (like any good socialist), yet he has an obstacle in the way by the name of Eric Cantor, House Majority Leader who is refusing to bow to any form of tax increases. This has made the Democrats mad and now they pout and call names as is par for the course. Democrat sources have called Cantor "juvenile" and want him removed from negotiations so the "grown-ups can get to work." Well, the "grown-ups" have been at "work" and the result is a failing economy, high unemployment, a falling dollar and massive debt. Democrats are using the "let's make up an emergency" strategy and saying a deal MUST be made soon. This is the same bull crap they used when they forced fed Obama Care down America's throat with then Speaker Pelosi saying, "We must pass the bill before we know what's in it". Revenue is not America's finacial's the spending STUPID! So


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