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946 days ago.
by Larry247

Improving urban design.

The way the Vienna-Parkersburg area is currently laid out is an atrocity in urban planning. Most of the homes are sprawled out, half of the downtown area consists of parking lots, and the sidewalks are ill-maintained. Few good parks exist (I'm thinking of McDonough WR in Vienna), and even those are not safely accessible by foot or by bike. What realistic suggestions do you all have for improving the layout of our city?


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It seems to me that sidewalks, pedestrian overpasses, and walking paths are too often left out of any city's planning. I realize the fiscal constraints facing these projects, but walking has many benefits. Besides just fitness, having a safe way to walk around cuts down on short car trips. In some cities, I've often parked in a central location and walked to several different merchants, restaurants, and recreation venues.

Posted 946 days ago.

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